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after work adventure

  • Posted by ade
  • 1 October 2010

       Meni and me went for a sea paddle out to the witches cauldron.  Before we left the beach a seal came and rolled in the waves before us. See it's little head, black dot, centre picture. What the picture does not show is the size of the waves.


I have never been out to sea in big wave in a small plastic boat. It was one of those situations where you can physically  feel your life inside your chest. Your daily immortal self is stripped away and you know that you are fragile flesh and blood.

The phone was not coming out for pictures.

We paddled out straight into the sunset and  big waves that broke over the boat and my face. Once safely out we turn back to land and skirted the coast till we found the boiling mouth of witches cauldron.

We got broadsided by a roller that dislodged me from my perch and into the sea. As soon as I was in all the pent up fear went. everything was fine. A wetsuit and a PFD worked.

We paddled round a  big rock at the mouth of the cave that was catching the breakers and breaking them enough for us to paddle into the tunnel.

Once in the boat is rising and falling 3 to 4 meters in a 4 meter wide gulley, then into the archway and out into the cauldron.

What a place.

       We paddled through that blackness into the cauldron.

Took a swim. Stood under the water fall. Sat on the rocks and look at the sky. And after 5 minutes realised that we were sat next to these sleepy babies.

       They were so well camouflaged we nearly never saw them.

The big one snorted like a pig and blew snot out his nose so it was time to leave them to their peace.

We paddled hard out of the cave and had a touch and go moment when the sea sucked away from the rocks almost to the sea bed, and I thought we were going to Davey Jones' place, but we floated on and rode the waves back into the beach.

Meni made us sweet Israeli coffee on a burner back at the car.

The immortal shield returned and the stories of danger and fear flowed with the coffee.