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Beach ride

  • Posted by howies
  • 7 October 2010

Here are a few pictures from a great weekend down on the Kent coast.
It started with the internet purchase of a £40 pound old Peugeot racer (bargain) I spent a day fixing it up in my grandads shed, which is heaven -the tools are all antique, and everything smells of oil and varnish. It took a while but the bike fixed up a treat

The second it was finished I took it to the beach for a rainy ride. I was the only idiot there but I had the biggest smile on my face

Then the sun came out, my Dad finished work and rode down. He has just bought a mountain bike and has got the bike bug -which is perfect as father son time now involves a ride. Chuck that in with beach time and I'm happy.

I've always beach-combed since I was a little kid and my lass makes jewellery out of what I find. It's the most relaxing and satisfying thing to do and it's mad what the tide brings in. This hoard includes a plastic hand and half a china joker's face. To sum it up I'd say a perfect day -it couldn't be more stress free.

Cheers then Matt/45