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Couch Two and Three

  • Posted by james
  • 3 October 2010


From Cornwall to London to Newtown to Bristol to Tenby to Cardigan to Cornwall and back to Bristol...the (couchsurfing) photoshoot continues.

This week I've been crashing in Bristol visiting howies skater Joe Habgood, whom despite the almost complete darkness and drizzle, tore the park we visited to shreds in front of a bemused crew of micro-scooting kids in tracksuits. Joby was following Dan Yeomans around Newtown and tracking Minh Ai down in London. Next up to Wales for the busy part of the shoot, where in-between torrential downpours and gales, we got glimpses of sunshine and reminders that there once was a summer not that long ago. Tomorrow I'm back down to cornwall to hook up with Elsie Pinniger and Nick Radford, waves look good, weather looks bad... halfway there.

Here are some of the good bits so far...

Ruben 'Actionman' Lightfoot

Millie 'Saves the day' Marotta

'Just one cornetto, give it to meee' (the funny thing is, Jack is actually asleep here)

Nick 'concaves' Radford

Yeah, this kinda hurt

Dan 'the howler' Yeomans