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Le Lomo!

  • Posted by mark
  • 1 October 2010

i've just returned back to rainy London after a trip to the sunny South of France with the wife, we took the eurostar to Paris and then the TGV all the way down to Nimes, i can't recommend the french rail system highly enough, it beats hanging round for hours in airports by a mile.

whenever we go away we take hundreds of photos on my little digital camera but by the time we return home we've already looked through them a million times, deleted all the ones that make us look fat and ugly and are generally pretty bored of them all, this time however was a little different. i bought sarah a mini diana lomo camera as a wedding present and this was our first opportunity to use it, it goes without saying that neither of us read the instructions and just made it up as we went along, i lost count just of the times we forgot to even take off the lens cap.

as we were both pretty excited about seeing the results i dropped the film in to get developed as soon as we got back and here's a couple of the better ones, they are both taken at Pont du Gard just outside the town of Remoulins.

the waiting for the photo's and the complete suprise as to what you end up with brought a whole new element to the holiday for us, i think it's safe to say we'll be taking it every we go from now on.

Long live 35mm