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My granddad came in to see me, the other day he was followed by a man wearing a big blue jacket. ‘This is your cousin from Canada’ he said. I obviously found this a bit shocking because I didn’t realise I had family in Canada. The strangest part was when I asked him how he got to our little town of Cardigan. He cycled …

Not only that but he did it on a 10 year old touring bike… My first thought was this guy must be crazy. When I asked why he decided to cycle he told me that that’s what he does in Canada so he didn’t know any different.

His journey started on the 16th of Sept in Heathrow with him assembling his bike in terminal 5 and thinking of the long journey ‘on the wrong side of the road’. The first few days where a fight, between rain, head winds and himself.

Going through Cheltenham and a long slog to Merthyr Tydfil. After so much travelling (already) he only hit his first nasty climb leaving Abergavenny to BlaenAvon.
Not realising that there was a hiking festival on at the time, this meant that there was no accommodation. Tired he decided to set up camp outside of an entertainment complex.

He managed to make it to Cardigan for Tuesday the 21st where he stayed with family.
After chatting to him in the shop I went to visit that night at my grandparent’s house, eager to find out more about his journey.
I didn’t have to talk to him long to realise that this was the half way point of his journey and that he had more family to visit on the way back…

I was greeted this morning with an e-mail from him saying that he was back at home.
From what I can gather the main lesson that he learnt from this was that his bike was not geared low enough for 14% grades.

‘With a trip like this you expect something to break on a 10 year old touring bike but nothing happened, not even a flat. I can't kill that bike’.

Not bad for a guy who had no map, no compass.

Nice job Johnny.