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Doh boy army: Operation Sheffield

  • Posted by hollie
  • 18 November 2010

Last week i blogged about Doh boy's latest mission - marching up to Sheffield to continue the ongoing fight for a return to simple baking, y'know, simpler times - where all they used was a handful of ingredients and a bit of patience.

Anyway, John at LITF sent me over an email to let me know how it all went - along with a few photos that i probably shouldn't have looked at before lunch...as they've made me massively hungry!

Here's what he had to say -

"Doh Boy had a great time in Sheffield on Saturday. With a little help from the Lost in the Forest Institute, Dan from the Handmade Bakery and Colin from the Archer Project, team Doh Boy made fresh, fat-free bread for everyone at Interesting North.

We made plenty of dough (for over 140 people) and plenty of dough (£700 for the Archer Project).

We all got up at 4am on Saturday, got down to the bakery and started mixing dough, shaping rolls and making soup. We were done by 11, giving us a couple of hours to get everything set up in the dining hall, then ferried everyone from the talk over to the Archer Project (the howies tees made that super easy, we just had to point to the next green tee).

Everyone had couple of bowls of soup and a few rolls each, so everyone was full. Probably wouldn't have wanted to be the speaker on after lunch, because I imagine everyone fancied a little nap, but the bread and soup probably kept everyone going to the end of the day.

...So hopefully we'll have converted quite a few people to fat free, hand made bread"

Good work guys, Doh Boy would be proud.