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I'm bored

  • Posted by ade
  • 8 November 2010


We decided on a change of scenery for lunch today. The trail round Fforest is getting worn down, and the river is in raging flood. So we headed just out of Cardigan to Moyelgrove to run the Pembrokeshire coastal path towards Newport. The path was not too bad considering the battering we took last night but the change of terrain was a shocker.

The coastal path climbs and falls to every beach, every stream and every valley. It really climbs and falls. If you follow the path in the picture you will see Ruben on the start of the hardest climb of the run. After the steps there is a small rock face then a mud chute. I had to walk the last 100 feet as my lungs were too small to feed the oxygen required by my legs at that point in time.

We ran out for 20 minutes then back. And despite the air only being 6 degrees when the sun came out we ended up hot.

Would love to have run on and on till dark.