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In the zone.

  • Posted by ade
  • 3 November 2010

I went for a lunch break run yesterday. I needed to break that spriral you get into at your desk where the to do list has it's own to do list to do and nothing is getting done.

Just a quick 10 km.

The music was set to shuffle and I got up enough speed to get into that red mist zone.

8km in, hot, looking down at the trail covered in autumns finest colours, sucking in air and listening to massive attacks karmacoma I fell into that running  trance. No thoughts, unfocused vision on full auto pilot.  Somewhere I rarely get to on the bike.

Then the calendar bleeped bringing me back to the 3pm meeting I should be at, it was 2.51pm and I was just just over 1.5km from work.

I arrived having bought banana chips 1 minute late cover in sweat, soaked to the skin looking fully flushed.

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