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Night Run

  • Posted by ruben
  • 2 November 2010

After work tonight, I went to run the long way home with Scott who manages our Cardigan shop.

As the clocks have gone back and we were setting off in the dark, I asked him if he had a light.  "We don't need light" he assured me, and so we set off to run it blind. (Although I had a torch at the ready just in case).

A quick dash through town to warm up before turning onto the towpath and plunging into the darkness of the wildlife park. Then we ran 5km out along the old railway track into Cilgerran, where I left Scott before taking the off-road route the final 6km home.

The darkness gave the run a new dimension for me - once my eyes had adjusted and I'd found a speed I was comfortable with, I quickly I zoned out and entered my own little world. With no visual reference points, and the wind blocking all the sounds but my footfalls, it was like running in a sensory deprivation chamber. One of the most interesting runs of the year for me.

If you have a trail you know well enough to try this, give it a go.