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The best thing since (un)sliced bread

  • Posted by hollie
  • 12 November 2010

Doh Boy is leading the fight for a return to simple.

To good old fashioned bread that tasted of something and yet contained no fat.

He and his army are on the move again and will be marching to Sheffield tomorrow, filling the bellies of hungry people at the Interesting North talks with the help of Dan McTiernan from The Handmade Bakery
John and a few of the guys from the LITF Institute are going to be on hand helping Dan with all the kneading and baking - making sure that no one sneaks off to the nearest supermarket for a sandwich by giving them some of that proper hand made bread along side some soup.

Tom and Tidy in the printshop have printed them their very own Doh Boy uniforms to wear too (under Doh boy's strict instructions)

On top of that, all the proceeds will be going to The Archer Project, who help the homeless and vulnerable.

If you aren't off to the talks tomorrow, you can always give the old handmade bread a crack at home - here's Doh boy's very own recipe. - although the guys at LITF have advised using 20g of salt, rather than the 30g stated...(bad Doh boy!)

God that Handmade Bakery website looks good.