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When We’re 65

  • Posted by will
  • 9 December 2010

Some friendships are enduring. I have known John (Northern John to give him his formal title) for 12 or 13 years now and we have spent some of the more formative years of our lives travelling near and far together in the pursuit of new places to see and new things to ride on our ill-fitting bicycles.

As clichéd as it sounds John is a one-off - that label gets applied to many but anyone who has had the pleasure of john's company will agree that he is (both thankfully and regretfully in almost equal measure) never matched in his approach to life.

We have both grown 'old' within BMX and it is to this pastime/sport/hobby/life-pursuit that we have both remained involuntarily tied. BMX is now even more so than ever a kid's world and we both spend increasingly more time moaning about the 'state of the scene' and looking back through very rose tinted spectacles at the days when there was no-where to ride, no-one to ride with, no websites, no forums, no obsession with bikes and fashion but despite all this we both seem incapable of letting go of riding a 20" bike.

I have more fun riding with John than anyone else (and the few friends that can put up with our bitterness!) and we recently set about trying to document our riding over the last few months. We have filmed together for years and while our schedules are a little fuller these days we managed in between the fishing sessions, the childcare issues and two jobs to come together often enough to film a few clips that Jamie Barron (our long suffering friend and camera man) kindly put together into this edit.

With a combined age now of 65 (im 28 so you can work out John's age) we were quite happy that our knees lasted long enough for us to battle through the eternally miserable weather in the north-west of England and put together an edit that doesnt hide the fact that were having fun - if it takes an hour to do a trick one of us will punch the air and give the other one a hug! (very much frowned upon in the serious modern world of BMX).

You can't teach old dogs new tricks but you can get them to do them over and over again until they land them!