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Girls ride too

  • Posted by howies
  • 25 March 2011

Ok so you've all seen the posts from Ade, Ruben and Hicksey about their lunch time adventures and yeah us girls in the office tend not to have regular sweaty escapades in our lunch hour (the boys don't bother with showers afterwards where as us girls like to, I think) but anyway Hollie has been out running after work, Kim has got her bike out and has been riding the long way home and we have been planning on going out for a luch time ride when dogs, work schedule, illness and punctures get in the way (like last few weeks).

Today I knew it was going to be glorious and even though I was shattered this morning after being out on my bike several times after work this week I just had to bring it to work for a lunch time ride.

I sussed out a route with Ade and off I set in the hot sun.

I hadn't done the route before, I didn't know where the hills were or where to turn but I had my trusty phone with me with GPS location services (very helpful as I could have ended up in Aberporth) and my camera.

The sun was hot.

I definitely didn't need a jacket or leggings 2 merino tops and shorts were fine :-)

I really need to practice getting out of the saddle going up big hills.

Lunch tasted better than usual.

The view was great.

The smell of cows and muck was really strong down the track lane which Ade told me not to go down.

Looking forward to riding more at lunch times this summer

When I got back I was sweaty....

... and I didn't have a shower :-)

hazy view from top of one hill before starting the next one