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It just got real...

  • Posted by hollie
  • 29 March 2011

This arrived in the post yesterday -

What started out as a bit of a 'yeah-we-can-do-that-why-the-hell-not' challenge between myself and my friend Naomi has all of a sudden become very, very real!

Neither of us are experienced runners, and both are as useless as each other when it comes to things like organising a disciplined training schedule, so in true 'hollie & naomi style' ......we haven't really been training.

But last night we went on a 'just over' six mile run, (...not even half of a half marathon!) Starting out in Cardigan, through the marshlands and past the Fforest camp and back again, the evening sun and constant nattering gossip made it a bit less painful, as did the beautiful view.

Energy levels and enthusiasm started to dip pretty early on though if I'm honest, and although hearing my phone shouting out the 'mile' markers helped massively,  we both agreed that we needed some advice from experienced runners - Ruben has suggested nibbling on jelly babies every few miles, which i do like the sound of...but anything that will help us and stop us being picked up by the stragglers bus will be most welcome!

If you're running it yourself then I'll see you there.

...I'll be the one that's dressed head to toe in howies merino huffing and puffing my way around the course......or more likely the one dressed head to toe in howies merino that's stopping off at a burger van about 4 miles into it.