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In the mountains – Part 3

  • Posted by dan
  • 5 April 2011

So we had a sunny day a few weeks back and hiked up to the top on our touring skis.

Standing at the very top on the peak there wasn't much room to move around with a drop behind me, to my side and in front so I didn't hang around for too long....

Below is a picture of me dropping in at the very top just before dropping off the rocks.

That day we also hiked up toward an amazing piece of glacier which made us feel very very small.....

The next day we sat at a nice restaurant by the lake looking at the mountain and pointing at stuff we really wanted to ski. So we planned this little day tour up to the highest peak and a route down the mountainside all the way to the frozen lake at the bottom then across back over to the lift system.

The route up is in green. It took us about three hours to reach our first stop which is the orange 'x' near the top

This picture sums up exactly how the mountains can very easily make you feel. Small and vulnerable.

......Laura checking out the awesome view. (on the 1st route plan above this is at the orange 'x' )

The picture below shows the red 'x' from the first route plan (the very peak) but from a different angle ......as you can see it's sheer cliff on the back. So next we head round the right side of it and start to climb up the last steep part to have lunch at the top!

It took us nearly another hour to reach the very top. But so worth it! Possibly the best view I have ever seen in my life. with nobody else around apart from some huge birds of prey gliding around above us.

Below is a picture of Laura about 3 metres away from the very peak to her left. We stopped here to enjoy lunch and our nice cold beer that we took with us. It was so amazing we stayed for nearly an hour not wanting to leave.

....by far the best tasting beer I ever had!

And now for the action shots......

Below: Skiing on the edge! This one gave me a dry mouth walking up to the edge. It was a huge wind lip of snow overhanging the rock, below was steep and rocky with one line to go for and no mistakes. And with lots of air to my left as you can see.

Adrenaline can be quite addictive I believe. So once you're on the edge there's no turning around.......

The winter season comes to an end soon.
I leave Switzerland on the 27th April to visit wales for a few weeks.

Some photo shooting with my friends at howies and a nice bike ride along the welsh coast. Then back to Switzerland for most of the summer where I'll be working and racing bikes for Scott.

This Tuesday I have an injection of some sort into my spine to help fix a disk hernia. So no action until the doctor says otherwise.

See you