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new talent needs your help

  • Posted by ade
  • 5 April 2011

Susie wrote is a great letter asking for your help.

She is working at Falmouth Uni on an idea for her degree for a womens range of bike wear.

she wrote;

On my blog there is an introduction to 'lycra not required'  saying what it is all aboutr.  From the readers of brainfood I would love for them to tell me what they think on the idea and the drawings so far. And then, as my ideas progressed, I will post up more designs etc. in detail (had some fabric samples through of sportswear materials etc. so will do some work putting them into visual bits n bobs) at which point it would be nice to have some more input via brainfood on what they/you all at howies thought. This will really help my project becomes something pretty solid because the course at falmouth is a lot about user centred design.  So I can  make something special we have to go and find the problem, get in contact with real people and companies to get feedback and opinions.

If you go here to her blog and have a look at what she has done and give her some feedback, it would help her create based on actual feedback.