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run rabbit run

  • Posted by hollie
  • 13 April 2011

So...we did it!

A few months ago my friend Naomi and i decided that even though we weren't runners and had very little interest in exercise, we'd run a half marathon in 2011.

After a shambolic few months of very little training (but plenty of pre-run carb-eating) the day finally came around on Sunday. We'd travelled all the way up to Edinburgh to stay with a friend a few days before so were feeling fresh... but terrified, the furthest distance we'd run together was about 6 miles and i think it was finally dawning on us just how far the race was going to be.

We aren't totally unfit ladies, but knowing our limits we decided sensibly to place ourselves in the 2:30 - 2:45 time pen at the start, laughing at the fact our legs were aching a little bit from the walk to the Meadowbank stadium that morning.

It was a really hot sunny day and it later turns out that the course was actually too long, but we did it in the none-too-shabby time of 2 hrs 19 minutes (that also includes a quick toilet pit stop too!)

A few days ago i wrote a blog about the race, and Tim from the Mothership kindly offered us the use of the Kinetic app to track our race stats...so here are my screenshots! (the massive blue nosedive at about mile 3 would be the pit stop!)

A big thank you to anybody who lined the course to clap and shout encouragement, (it really did help immensely)

We weren't aiming to break any records or anything, we just aimed to finish the race together and in one piece...so on that note I'm pretty proud of us.

The ugly scenes of undignified chocolate bar eating at the finish line probably wasn't a pretty sight, or anything to be proud of -  but it had never tasted so sweet!