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Dalby Dare

  • Posted by ruben
  • 11 May 2011

In what other sport can you experience the same challenge as the World’s leading athletes?

Whether you’re spectating at the bottom of Medusa’s Drop, or actually riding the very same descent, the Dalby Dare is an object lesson in just how deceptively easy the top riders make it look when they tackle the same obstacles the following day.

If you’re one of the lucky entrants who secured a place in this year’s Dalby Dare, you probably don’t need reminding of the tough task that lies ahead of you! For everyone else, here’s a little more about the Dalby Dare and why it has become a “must-do” for so many mountain bikers

The Dalby World Cup course is open to the public all year round. But it’s one thing to ride it on a quiet weekend with your mates. It’s an entirely different experience to tackle it with hundreds of other riders, spectators looking on and with all the World Cup branding in place. The tension ramps up as you wait to start beneath the World Cup arch and the adrenaline just keeps on coming as you roll out onto the course. Every rider is equipped with a timing chip, which means you can compare your time with that of the pros.

But there’s more to the Dalby Dare than just a lap of the World Cup course: after riders cross the finish line at the end of the World Cup loop, they head off into the forest once again, this time for a tour of some 20km of Dalby’s outstanding trails. The forest is home to some of the best Black and Red graded riding in the country and the Dalby Dare loop is a fine extension to the rip-snorting World Cup course.

The Dalby Dare goody bag is worth the price of entry alone, containing a howies organic cotton T-Shirt topping the list of free goodies assembled by the people at Purple Mountain in Dalby Forest.

To find out more about the event and get your last minute entry, head to mtbworldcup.co.uk