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  • Posted by ade
  • 23 May 2011

Dashed out the house in the the pouring rain on Saturday to the shed to get a drill and heard ducks quacking that quack where you know somethings not right.

Thought the fox might be chancing his tail with our chickens, and so did our terrier who shot off in that direction.

Worried he might eat the ducks if there were any I followed.  Looking up our river I spotted a big bird stood on the edge of the river and 4 ducks making haste downstream.

I went down to have a look and it turned out to be a big wet and very dishevelled Buzzard which just lay flat on the floor as I got close. Once I had picked it up I realised how big it's beak was and how long and sharp its talons.

I got it back to the shed, popped it into a cat basket where despite it's poor state it had managed to catch a duckling which it dropped. We took it and the deceased to the vets in Newcastle Emlyn.

Nothing was broken but it had a large scab above it's eye, it's 3rd eyelid was split, but the globe of the eye was fine.  We chatted about cutting some of the flappy scab off as it was obscuring the forward sight of the bird, but birds have poor circulation in their skin and if it bled it would take a long time to heal.

So with an injection of antibiotics to help the wound we headed home to nurse it through the bad weather with a little shelter and food.

It spent the night in the shed in the dogs cage eating duckling and chicken breast and shitting out the cage onto my bikes.

Sunday was fine weather, and after an hour outside in the sun it looked ready.

Blankets off, cage open, engines on, left flaps, right flaps..Then it flapped, flew, hopped, flew and bumped across the field to the woods where it was joined in a tree by another.

Cross fingers.