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Atten-shun troops.

This is the most important Doh Boy Army Mission of Real Bread Maker Week 2011.

One in ten children starting primary school in Britain are now regarded as alarmingly overweight, and parents could soon begin to outlive their children because of this epidemic of obesity afflicting the younger generation…that's crazy.

So in the words of George Benson: "The children are our future, teach them well and let them show the way…"


Make real bread with your children or a young family member:

http://www.howies.co.uk/dohboy/recipe.php ** please note though that you should only use 20g salt...not the 30g stated....bad doh boy!


Your kitchen.

Date & Time:

14–15 May 2011.

...Good luck...!

For today's Final Mission, Doh Boy joined Sarah Galloway and Laura Gallagher from the Lost in the Forest Institute (http://www.litfi.ac) and baker Aurelia Doyotte for a Real Bread Making Class with a lively class of Year 5 pupils at Greenside Primary School in Droylsden, Manchester.

Be sure to email your results too - [email protected] or even pop them up on our facebook page


I've had reports that yesterday's Doh Boy picnic in Bristol was a big hit, here are some photos that Stuart at Thoughtful sent over to us - see if you can spot yourself!

nice one guys.