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Doh Boy Army: Mission #1

  • Posted by hollie
  • 10 May 2011

Atten-shun Doh Boys!

All this week we'll be celebrating Real Bread Makers week, and every day Doh Boy (with the help of the good folks at thoughtful) will use the howies blog to task the DB-army to help spread the good word.

We've just received today's instructions from the man himself:-

"Doh Boys.

Your first mission is to stand guard and make sure no-one eats any supermarket bread this week…

tell them to make, try or buy some real, fat free bread.

Download the PDF and wear your Real Bread Day uniform with pride.

Take a picture of yourself guarding the bread and send it in to the guys at howies - [email protected]

…you lovely boys"

So there we have it, go spread the word

If you fancy making something a little bit more daring than a white loaf then here's the River Cottage's recipe for Perfect Brown Bread - sounds gooooood.