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Washing powder Surf

  • Posted by Shams
  • 6 September 2011


Our uplifting fragrances are available in liquid, capsules and powder. So whichever one you go for, you'll soon see (and smell!) the divine difference Surf makes.OffersWith our heavenly fragrances and great cleaning power, we love to bring a little joy to your day. But just to spread even more happiness, we've also got a few offers up our fresh and fragrant sleeve.

CapsulesYes! All our gorgeous scents are also available in a handy capsule format. One tiny bubble of concentrated liquid detergent contains all the irresistible Surf fragrance and cleaning power that you need for your everyday wash. No mess, no spills, just pop one in your machine drum and enjoy fabulously fresh and fragrant laundry.

Surf powder, our original format, infuses your clothes with gorgeous fragrance and leaves them brilliantly clean. Simply use a measuring cup to pour the powder into your machine drawer.Indulge and invigorate your laundry with the uplifting fragrances from Surf - a treat for all the senses! Available in -Tropical oasis of ylang ylang & lily: 25, 50 and 90 Washes, Lavender & jasmine secret garden: 25 and 50 Washes, Sunshine orchard of lemons & mandarin flowers: 25 and 50 Washes Our Surf liquid detergents are ×2 concentrated which means they use less packaging and you need less product to get the same gorgeous results.

Simply pour one tiny capful of our concentrated liquid into your machine drawer to transform your everyday wash into a lovely load of fragrant laundry.Indulge and invigorate your laundry with the uplifting fragrances from Surf - a treat for all the senses! Available in: Tropical oasis of ylang ylang & lily 18, 28, and 54 Washes,Lavender & jasmine secret garden 18, 28, and 54 Washes, Mystic waterfalls of lotus flowers &
wild freesia 28 Washes, Add a sparkle of magic to your everyday laundry with the enchanting fragrances of Twilight Sensations.

The Cleaner Planet Plan is about reducing the impact of our gorgeous products on the environment - so they're not only great at giving you divine laundry, but they also tread a little lighter on the planet. That's why we've concentrated our luscious liquids and powders, saving both energy and packaging.