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thank you and good afternoon

  • Posted by ade
  • 20 October 2011


We have finally reached the time to turn off the old howies IT systems in preparation to turn on the new.

For the past 6 months we have been working hard on replacing every single little bit of software that runs our business. From the website, to the printers that print the labels that we stick on your parcel.

Everyone who works at HQ has been frustrated that we have not been able to improve many areas of our service to you, just because of our software was old and stuff just moves on. Look at what your phone can do now compared to 2004.

So there is a conflicting buzz in the office today, feeling great to be moving on, but the fear of  having to switch off something that ain't broken.

But before we upgrade we need to say thanks.

Thanks to Matt and George for the old site.  It's done a ton of stuff well, people still like it and it's never let us down. You guys built it well. We are fussy customers and tough to please, but you guys did.

And thanks to David Wellan. A local surfer who wrote and supported our business  system on his own from the ground up back in 2004, that has chugged through 1/2 million orders.  It's how we were able to move to taking orders over the web and  not just by fax.

Take one last look.

Tick tock.