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Follow Your Front Wheel.

  • Posted by hollie
  • 8 March 2012

Tomorrow is my last day at howies.

I joined howies after moving back home fresh from graduating from university in Cardiff, with the plan to ‘work for a little bit, to earn enough money to move back to the city’ ….. that was almost four years ago.

This weekend marks a big change with a permanent move to the dazzling lights of Bristol – so not too far away, but far enough away to feel a bit of a culture shock, that may sound strange to most people as it’s hardly New York, but when you’ve lived in a tiny little town with the same faces for most of your life it is. I’m not a town mouse by any standard.

The fact buses still run services past 6pm in some places still outstands me.

I’m leaving Cardigan on a reflective note, growing up in a small town you have a sense of “I can’t WAIT to move away to some civilisation!” - or even the fact that the nearest McDonalds was over an hour away always seemed so unfair - kids eh!

But now, whether it’s just a sign of growing older, or the fact that since graduating I’ve developed a passion for photography so appreciate the area’s beauty a little more, I look back on growing up here and remember the long summer holidays at the beach and everything else in between that makes me realise this place isn’t quite so bad after all.

I have quite a lot to thank howies for, as a student my main focus for buying anything tended to be money orientated - rather than where it was from and how it came to be, but working here has taught me the importance of provenance- whether it be food, clothing, fabrics, whatever – I’d like to think I’m a bit more clued up on how the world works so can make better consumer decisions as a result. Also I’ve been lucky enough to help out on the past few photoshoots which has been an amazing experience, working with talented buggers like James Bowden and Paul Calver , then seeing some of my work on the shiny new website, which felt like a pretty sweet moment, so thank you for that.

Of course the other main reason to thank howies is also the reason why I’m leaving howies – When the Bristol shop opened a couple of years ago, they employed a young man named Will.

The rest, as they say, is Gavin & Stacy-esque history.

So thanks howies – thanks to the office, to Lou & Hazel for sticking pins in me and drawing on me with biro to alter clothes for production, To Tomos for sharing my love of Karl Pilkington podcasts, to nathan and julia for double checking my sums, To Ruben & Alex for ANYTHING system, camera or computer related (and believe me there were a lot of questions) the caffitiere for making mornings and late night overtime shifts go a little easier, PG for lacing important emails with humour, to the warehouse for putting up with the all parcels I’ve flung at them, to Tidy for Bristol pep talks and massive laughs on staff outings, to the creative boys – Pete for his HILARIOUS on going joke & Aron for mutual family guy love and laughs, Ade for giving me the push I needed, and finally of course thanks to Emma & James, you guys are basically just donuts.

hollie x