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TV On The Radio

  • Posted by tim
  • 1 October 2008

If you missed them on Jools Hollands show you might want to have a listen, they were rather good. The Streets were on it too. 6 days left to play as the BBC say here.

Ken Russell's Devils

  • Posted by tim
  • 1 October 2008

This Film of Ken's is to me and others quite a masterpiece.

for the rest of the five part series here.

i normally love winter

  • Posted by ade
  • 1 October 2008


this summers riding has been pretty hard, what with the weather.

i have not worn shorts all summer.
not once.

and by now after a hot summer i am normally looking forward to the winter's adventures of rain, ice, wind, snow, fog, mud and dark

but summer never came so it's felt a bit hard knowing the clocks change soon.

but getting the kit ready for the tough spell made it all feel like a pending adventure again.

9 dark miles to cover with no traffic or people to help, no street lights, no public transport, muddy roads, leaves and sticks, floods trees down and winter.

so i got out the lights, back up head torch, tools, pump, tube and patches cause i ain't walking, zip tie, duct tape, money, phone, energy bar, i-pod.

test my preparation winter.

Neil's Angels retain their title.

  • Posted by tomos
  • 1 October 2008


On Sunday Aron and I played our second 3 on 3 Welsh Paint ball championship. And once again we came first. The first team ever to defend their title.
It was a lot harder this time round, with the second place team only one point behind us at the end of the day. It all came down to the very last game, which we had to win.
Thanks to everyone in Cenarth paint ball games and all the teams that competed.
Had a brilliant day.

Do Lecture speaker Alastair McIntosh was quite something at our gathering, he reached out and touched a lot of folks, quite an achievement for a man with a beard in the modern day, He has a new book on the way and i'm more than happy to let you know about it here as it's about a subject very close to my heart, community. here's the publishers guff about it. And please google Alastair, he's more than worth it.

Climate change, species extinction, war and alienation. These are just some of the threats that imperil a world that gives us life. There is no single solution, but one thing is certain. Unless humanity learns how to rekindle community, all other efforts will wither on the vine.

This timely new Schumacher Briefing explores three integrated pillars of community with one another, with the natural environment and with the spiritual ground of all being. McIntosh draws not just on his own extensive experience, but also on the work of a dozen associates at the Centre for Human Ecology mostly his former students. These have carried out research into the spirituality of community regeneration assisted by WWF International. Each of them provides a short summary of their findings, weaving a rich tapestry that illuminates community.

With its emphasis on spirituality the Briefing examines the implications of living as if all life is interconnected. It draws upon and explores spiritual insights contained in E. F. Schumacher's 1972 classic, Small is Beautiful, and addresses both the theory of community and its practical regeneration.

The contexts in which this is explored range from remote islands to inner city deprivation and the world of corporations and government. The results fortify our capacity to face the future and point to ever-deeper meanings of love.

If you would like to order Alastairs new book you can do so here.

a little goes a looooong way

we just had a lovely lady in the shop, all the way from australia.
she's here on business, but saw our little shop on a travel show down under, and as she was here decided to come in for a look.
it really is a small world...

The zoo

  • Posted by tim
  • 1 October 2008

I was at Monkey World the other day, down near Wareham. Having a look at the past in the present, minding my own business when i heard a voice in my head, i looked in the direction it had come and there was an orangutan looking at me, she called me over to the fence and handed me an envelope, which of course i took from her. Then we exchanged a wink and the oragutan swung off. When i found a nice spot to sit down i opened the envelope and inside was a bit of paper with some words written on it in what looked like banana pulp, it said.

Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers. Even his idea of his limitations is based on experience of the past. Therefore there is no reason to assign theoretical limits to what he may be, or what he may do..

Here are the monkey world Orangutans.


  • Posted by ade
  • 1 October 2008


this picture is of bob our IT man sweating over our e-mail inboxes.

they have gone. died.

he is trying to re-install them from back up tapes now.

we can't get them, see them or reply to them.

and won't be able to until at least tomorrow at the earliest, so call us on 01239 614122.

and cross fingers.

computers. they'll never catch on at this rate.

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