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Alfred Korzybski Science and Sanity

  • Posted by tim
  • 24 September 2008

This book has changed a lot of folks in a deep and profound way> Alfred Korzybski has had a huge influence on Noam Chomsky whose talks i post on here from time to time. i thought i'd just bring ti to your attention as I'm just undergoing a period of home education for my son and i need to re read it to get to grips with it again. Here's some stuff on General Semantics.

Debretts guide for the modern gentleman

  • Posted by tim
  • 24 September 2008

Ever since i asked my mate Geoff (an ex roadie for Hawkwind and the Rockin Vicars as well as ancient BMX rider) to Dj at my first wedding in 1985 and he played Madonna's "Like a Virgin" as our first song whilst her Jehovah's witness parents nearly choked on their cake i have always been wary of what people call manners and etiquette, especially if people know you've married a very pretty lady who had intimate boyfriends before me. On the dance floor i of course was paraletic with laughter and my wife was red with rage, a good combination which maybe foretold that 12 months later i'd be divorced. Anyway i just remebered the books by Debretts and funnily enough they have a new one out right now. If only my Dad had slipped this in my pocket 25 years ago he could have saved me a lot of trouble (according to the book that is). To start with i would have known the right record to play when i was feeling amorous with my lady, instead of playing sexual healing by Marvin Gaye i should have played Blue Lines by Massive Attack apparently. Trouble is i hate that song by marvin and Massive Attack wasn't out then and it still makes me want to fall asleep which is why i'm sure i decided once we were home to play her this.

But lets get back to this apparently invaluable books and life that i have missed out on.

Described by the publisher

Today the notion of gentlemanly behaviour is not nearly as clear-cut as it once was. The time is right to re-examine and redefine this most mercurial of definitions of masculinity, so Debrett's has assembled the essential handbook for the modern gentleman.
An eclectic range of topics includes: the rules of tailoring; successful seduction; the new chivalry; classic cocktails and martinis; how to fly in style; cuisine to impress; tipping and taxis in far-flung places; and how to dress for the board room, the beach or the golf course.

This compendium of masculinity is complemented by rare pearls of wisdom from resident mistress of etiquette, Miss Debrett.

This is a book that will both entertain and edify. Peruse it, and you will ensure that you are well-qualified to cut a gentlemanly, and thoroughly modern, dash.

Chapters in Debrett's Guide from the Modern Gentleman:
Man At Work: from tailoring rules to boardroom success; Maintenance: from the barber's chair to the ultimate workout; At Home: from vinyl and audio-visual to stylish interiors; City Life: from top tables and tipping to opera and art; Time Off: from dinner jackets and denim to casinos and golf; Motoring: from essential maintenance to classic collectables; The Traveller: from sandy beaches to edible insects; Gastronomy: from the finest vintages to the gourmet kitchen; New Chivalry: from successful seduction to bedroom behaviour.

God help the woman who ends up with the fella who reads this, but if she's out there Debrett's Etiquette for Girls might be worth reading. Here's the description.tm

The ultimate girls' guide to getting it right.
Etiquette is a revisionist business. New rules are constantly appearing and old ones evolving. A modern survival manual is called for, to lay out the new rules, to point out the pitfalls and to ensure damage limitation. Debrett's, the trusted authority on all matters etiquette, have created the essential guide to life for every girl about town.

Etiquette for Girls reassuringly explains how to behave with ease and style in every social situation, covering man management (from flirting to one-night stands and breaking up), what to wear, dining out, socialising and entertaining at home, getting ahead at work, etiquette for special occasions (including festivals, polo and private jets), conversational no-nos and avoiding dreaded social sins. Etiquette has re-entered the zeitgeist. Social success lies in forethought and understanding, so switch on and prepare to prosper.

Presents contemporary lifestyle etiquette for girls aged 16-30 years.

Personally i have just bought the ladies version to read the chapter on man management and later on how to have an affair and get away with it with great tips on covering your tracks by deleting texts, burning receipts etc, sound foundations on which to build a strong vibrant loving relationship with your partner and build a caring and loving home environment full of trust for the kids, thanks Debretts for offering such a useful service.
Maddy sings at my wedding

crop seeds in the whole wide world

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 September 2008


One of the guys that spoke for the DO Lectures was Cary Fowler.
He a very busy man and he is doing something amazing.

This man is responsible for making sure we conserve all the crop seeds in the whole wide world.
That's a fair old few seeds.

Its taken me a bit of time to get my head around it all but in a nutshell....

There is an expected increase in world population to reach 9 billion (2050).
We have this unpredictable climate change, no one is totally sure what will happen.
Our food security could be under threat.
The Global Crop Trust is an internationally funded project which is going to help make sure we have food crops in all those years to come.

I'm really pleased that people are making such an effort, gives me hope.

After Trevor Bayliss (inventor of the wind up radio) did his talk at the Do Lectures a lot of folks came out inspired excited and thinking maybe i can invent stuff. With that in mind here's some old technology being used for some modern applications. I'll direct you over to the site where this sits as they have some neat clips up there and an explanation that i wont copy and paste just to keep you here. please check it out here

Font Conference

  • Posted by aron
  • 23 September 2008


Type geeks, get a load of this...

The idea is a simple one.

That people who do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and do things too.

So each year, we invite a set of people down here to come and tell us what they do.

They can be small do's or big do's or just plain amazing extraordinary do's. But when you listen to their stories, they just light a fire in your belly to go and do your thing, your passion, the thing that sits in the back your head each day, just waiting, and waiting for you to follow your heart.

To go find your cause to fight for, your company to go start, your invention to invent, your book to write, your mountain to climb.

The one thing the doers of the world do, apart from do amazing things, is to inspire the rest of to go and do amazing things.

They are fire-starters.

David Hieatt - Co-founder of the Do lectures.

The talks are up on the site here.

Devon Hutchins

  • Posted by tim
  • 23 September 2008

My son lives on this site of Devons, a great site for BMX photos amongst other things and a scene that's happening in Austin Texas. Well worth a look even if you are over 21 and cant bunny hop a bmx or do an ollie on a skateboard. Devon here. Mid thirties creatives with no ideas sat on their asses reading monocle's recommendation of which miso soup to eat in tokyo dream of robbing ideas for youth brands off this stuff.

The photograph above is of Chase Hawk, the Jack White of BMX, his style's so old it's new.


  • Posted by tim
  • 23 September 2008

Bruce Crisman has a new DVD coming out soon. Here's the trailer.

Shola Video Trailer 2 from No Run Ups Productions on Vimeo.

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