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i-phone hologram

  • Posted by tim
  • 23 September 2008

Paris Hair and Neil McFarland

  • Posted by tim
  • 23 September 2008

Paris Hair is a place where you can drop in and see work created by Neil McFarland. Updated as often as physics allows, you will bear witness to the white heat of creation, risk becoming drenched in the honest sweat of a toiling artist and come to understand in great detail the inner workings of the multiverse*.
About Neil McFarland
Neil McFarland was raised by old women in the Yorkshire but now resides happily in south London.
Neil learned to ride a bike in Canada. He learned how to draw by being left alone for vast periods of time with only paper and pens for amusement. He regards the journey from childhood doodling to Parishair.com as having been an inevitable one.
Now working in character design, animation, comics, folk and fine art (as you can see within this site), Neil is always open to suggestions as well as making plenty of his own.
Its all good in 3300AD
*This is not guaranteed.

There is an interview with Neil here.

Check out the website here.

what a lovely ride to work

  • Posted by ade
  • 23 September 2008


Ruben and me rode in along the river today.

The start was cold with the mist in the valley. Then as the sun rose the heat came, with those long autumn shadows and rich colours.

I am testing a new secret bike jacket that we are working on. Lots to change, but an amazing fabric.

Riding in with a friend is so much better than the lone hack.

little fairies.......

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 September 2008


anna spanna and I
making like busy little bees
burning the midnight oil
rocking out
turning the shop upside down

Billy Marks at the Berrics

  • Posted by tim
  • 22 September 2008

Toy Machine's Billy Marks is a funny mushtie. Here he does a funny one at Koston and Berra's downtown lab. you do have to click through though to see him skate.

Here he plays ping pong basketball. The Billys balls clip has been seen by 2,787, 306 people.

As a pro skateboarder Billy highest viewed skate clip is at 265,608.

Didn't it rain.

DStype Foundry Typefaces

  • Posted by tim
  • 22 September 2008

loads on here. geeks.

our little shop in cardigan

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 September 2008


bit by bit we are clearing out all the corners where stock resides.

the product designers have been going through the boxes of beautiful samples that we had no room for in the production ranges.

today we took the blackboard van, full to the brim to the shop with one off's.

so if you have ever been to our sample sales, and you are in the area, then drop in to get a real bargain.

and the sea is warm, so pack your coZZie if you come.

autumn preparations

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 September 2008


We had a weekend of building in the sun.

Our house is warmed by fire wood only and until now the wood has been piled under tarpaulins.

So we got all the busted pallets from work, hammers, nails, rope, pen knives, chain saws, rakes, mitre saws, brushes and matches and we built 3/4 a new woodshed so that we have kindling, small logs, big dry logs and big logs to dry all ready.

We ran out of nails and wood before we finished putting the roof on.

A great feeling of satisfaction, and heat from the sun.

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