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Here's the trailer below. Here's the website.

Andy Storey (rocking the howies tee-shirt) and Bournemouth Legend Mick Tarrant of Mail order cycle clothing specialists Prendas Ciclismo are separated by the Spanish Olympic Gold medallist Sanchez. Nice one Andy. If form could be transmitted virally these two buggers would have kissed him instead of this hugging nonsense.

My Tube

  • Posted by aron
  • 8 September 2008

This week's T-shirt of the Week is 'My Tube'.

Rather than sit there watching other people do stuff, maybe it's time we switched the computer off and went out there to do it ourselves.

Available on ketchup for men and heather for women.

Click here for mens My Tube t-shirt

Click here for womens My Tube t-shirt

Safe and Sound Homeward Bound

  • Posted by tim
  • 8 September 2008

I hope everyone got home safely after the Do Lectures finished yesterday. Thanks for coming kids.

Cds for sale

  • Posted by tim
  • 7 September 2008

was written on a bit of cardboard and left outside the door of a little shop down a little lane in Cardigan that i stumbled across as i waited to be picked up in the morning to get to the Do Lectures. I couldn't resist a browse. i found some great bargains and one gem that i've already played around 5 times since i came home. Professor Longhair for your listening pleasure.

Big Push here this link. Murray here. Dont miss em, as Tony The Tiger would say, "They'e Great."

After the Goldrush

  • Posted by tim
  • 7 September 2008

On the way home from the Do lectures i was listening to Neil young's Album "After the Goldrush". There's a line on one of the songs that immediately stood out as i drove across the Severn Bridge for the second time in a three days and on my return to the homeland. I was taken back immediately to thoughts i had on the way to the Lectures. Who would i meet? close to 100 people would be attending in all and that's a lot of bodies, how does one approach such gatherings? Well Neil helped me out on that one as the line was "i have a friend that i've not seen'. it worked for me, and of course he was right. i had a blast.

Ade's quiver get bigger and bigger

  • Posted by tim
  • 6 September 2008

Ade has more bikes than Belladonna has sex toys, this beauty turned up yesterday, i thought i'd name it ' Steely Dan" for him after a vibrator in a William Burroughs novel. he managed to bunny hop it up a little step on the way out of the venue and i'm sure i heard a loud exhalation of air when he did it. As far as pub bikes go i think that steely has got an 8.5 going for her, if the seat was further back on the rail a half inch it would have been a nine, but it looks too much like he's ready to time trial the lady. She is a beauty for sure.

Where the Do's get Done

  • Posted by tim
  • 6 September 2008

The cone of power. Wig Wam Bam.

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