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Author Archives: ade


  • Posted by ade
  • 3 September 2010

Been wanting to run the "barefoot" way for a while. So I got a pair of the Terra Plana Evo M to test.

First easy run this lunchtime to free the legs after Cader Idris was tough.

They run beautifully but no padding on the heel takes some getting used to. By the end of the 6 miles I was tired in places in my legs where I don't tire.

These are going to take some training into.

But one thing I loved is when you get on the rocks and roots you trip lightly and the flow feels great and you feel the trail just slightly distanced by the sole.

More later.

a good days work

  • Posted by ade
  • 2 September 2010

Yesterday I tripped upto Manchester to see Oi Poloi to show them the new Spring/Summer range for 2011.

I had 3 huge bags to show them so it was a driving mission, but this means passing up through North Wales and mountains.

Which also means Cader Idris on the way home. The run is from 300ft to 2854ft and back in 7 miles.

4pm I parked up, hid all my stuff round the car. Put on shorts, shoes and merino, stretched and plodded off to the steps.

The first few hundred feet are steps and stones that need a slow constant warming pace.

By the top of these I am drenched in sweat, breathing to the bottom of my lungs and my legs are burning.

The steps stop, the mountain still climbs on rocks, gravel and grass. The sun is in my eyes, my shades are off as the lenses are already sweat stained. I tap out a constant pace. I pass all the walkers coming off the hill to go home.

I try to thank them for moving aside but my breathing is too hard and I am beginning to descend into that level of concentration you need when pushing beyond.

I reach the lake and decide that today is the day to go right to the top, round and down. But I have bought no water or food.

The climb from the lake really kick. I can run short sections and then others it's marching pushing on my legs. I pass another set of walkers who look at me with questioning faces.

The trail flattens for a short spell and I calm my breathing and concentrate hard on a smooth pace.

I run, march, run, march up and up feeling the onset of dehydration. When I look back this was the toughest bit. I run a sentence through my head over and over asking the next walkers if I can have some of their water. Will I ask, won't I ask?  The last people thought I was mad. Who wants to speak to a sweating runner in the wilds.

No one comes along. I see bilberry bushes along the trail that all seem bare. I search harder and find that bushes in the shade of rocks have fruit. I eat every one I find no matter how ripe.  50 berries kick in. Pace rises.

I see the top with a ladder over a fence where I stop and look at the view. 44 minutes.  I look down to the lake and rejoice.

I then look along the ridge and see I still have a decent and another climb. A big climb. To higher than where I am.

I am not at the top.

I am super hot, vision is blurred and my hands feel tight and cramp like. And I am not at the top. I am a long way off and this knocks me.

I have a very long steep decent followed by a sharp climb. People are coming down and I can only just see them. Should I continue. Will going on be harder than going back. I can't get this far and not do this. Now or never.

Top off, volume up, wipe face and down the slope. It is really steep and loose and I have trouble slowing down. I am worrying about injury and my ability to get round and I am making mistakes.

I meet the walkers at the bottom of the climb. They all smile and say hi and I cannot bring myself to ask for water. Am I embarrassed about being so far out and so unprepared?

I start the last climb. I can't run, but I maintain my fast march. I look for bilberries but up this high there is nothing but rock. I look for pools of water, but the only ones are peaty.

Then there is the last gully to the trig point. It's looks like a greek mountain. And then I am up.

I spend 10 minutes at the top. Absolute silence. Birds are on the floor resting. No wind. The Irish sea to the fore and North Wales behind. There is a rock shelter.

It all come back. My legs. My breath. My confidence. I have done it and now I just have to get back.

I hear voices and decide to descend.

The fist section is over grass. Steep and fast. Rocks appear. Picking a line has to be fast and acurate.

I then enter back into rocks and gravel and the perfect hip hip mix enters the head phones. I pick up the pace across the rocks despite the gradient feeling like vertical and relax into the tune. I dance down the boulders. The more I relax the faster I can be.

There is nothing right now but the rhythm and my rhythm.  I am now flying along and I have shoved the fear of falling away.

I join the path I climbed up on and know it's steps all the way to the car. I pass all the walkers I passed on the climb. I replay the last track and dance the last decent to the car.

On the very last step I stop and whoop.

I am soaked, boiling hot, my knees and ankles are painful, my shoulders and back are stiff but I feel like I won.Further, higher, longer and faster.

And I beat my head.

What ever you do, don't hesitate.

  • Posted by ade
  • 31 August 2010

Tomorrow is 16 days to the do lectures.

They have a tent that can fit 100 people.

20 speakers and 80 attendees.

It's 4 days long.

The location is idyllic and accommodation superbly comfortable.

The lectures inspiring.

The food will be local and made by Anja who worked here and is now writing her own cook book.

The company will leave you with friends and stories for life.

And I will be taking attendees running.

And they have just 4 tickets left

So if you want to spend 4 days washing around in intellectual compost that will  return you to your world ready to make change then buy now.

It is one of the most inspirational things that I have ever done.

Call 01239 62 35 84 and tell em we sent you.

your broadband status

  • Posted by ade
  • 31 August 2010

howies runs on two broadband lines. one out and one in.

Despite Steve getting us up and running on Friday we still only had one line so no e-mail for the shops.

Paul was on site today and spent the morning sending tones from our end down the line to the "pot" and from the exchange to the pot then joining the right wires.

And it worked! We have two lines again.

They widen the hole on our wire side later next week...

our band is broad once more

  • Posted by ade
  • 26 August 2010

Here he is.

Man of the moment.

My favourite bloke today.

Steve from BT.

Repaired the cable in 30 minutes.

We are live live LIVE.

last look

  • Posted by ade
  • 26 August 2010

Despite a leaking broadband cable Ruben and David have headed off to the Cardigan shop with lap tops, hard drives, databases and cables to set live the new Autumn site.

So clear your desktop, file away your files, do a tweet, make a cuppa and prepare to have a browse.


  • Posted by ade
  • 26 August 2010

Our broadband stopped yesterday.

So did next doors.

BT and everyone were no help despite many many phonecalls.

Then going home I saw the new hole in the ground that the construction company dug yesterday full of telephone wires.

So I went to have a look today and met Ray the massive  foreman and we had a look at the wires and I found this.

Despite us not having access to the world he did all the swearing.

Today we cannot download your orders, so if you need stuff give us a ring and we will get your order done over the phone and out.

01239 614122. Emma, Hollie and Ed are waiting.

And our Bristol, Cardigan and London stores are open as usual.

BT man due in 1 hour. Tick tock.

new catalogue

  • Posted by ade
  • 24 August 2010


the first box of the new catalogue just arrived.

we've all pack one home and Pete and Aron are looking for mistakes.

the night fairies

  • Posted by ade
  • 24 August 2010


They have been in early everyday.

Open a box.

Count its contents.

Seal the box.

Onto the shelves.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

All on top of the orders that keep coming down and need sending out and only the odd cuppa and lunch have stopped them.

They have sped in the new season. Thanks warehouse.

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