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Author Archives: ade

make sure work pays you back

  • Posted by ade
  • 22 January 2010


It's been a tough week this week.

Alot of entertaining, thinking, talking, showing, explaining, justifying, projecting, reviewing, mapping, noting and bonding.

And I gave it my all.

Worked paid back the 2 hours it owed me to change into spiked shoes, run down the high street in the sun light, over the river, along the bike path to meet David. Then round the boardwalk in the marshes, along the squirrel trail, uphill to fforest farm, then back along the bridle path above the Teifi,  scramble down 100 steps to the rivers edge and then push on home through the mud and brambles to our Cardigan shop and a great coffee.

Make sure you take honestly what it owes you and you'll no feel cheated.

Gonna try and get the office to run on Thursday.

first run

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 January 2010


Went for my first run since September today round Mynydd Caregog above Newport. The snow had drifted deep, but where it was melting there was raging torrents, the wind was robust and the cloud snug to the floor.

What a blast. My mind has not processed so many thoughts in 30 minutes for so long.

1. shake to shuffle on the i-phone is rubbish for running.

2. Melt water is cold, but wet snow is colder.

3. Summer shoes let your feet  get warm as soon as they are out the water.

4. Wild horses look at you like you are mad if you are on the mountain in bad conditions.

5. Tread lightly and reduce speed on deep snow.

6. All that beer I drunk in December weighs heavy.

7. David Hieatt would have thrashed me today. I wanted him and Molly along.

8. Cold thighs run slower.

9. Running somewhere beautiful is beautiful.

10. Warm  dry clothes are such a reward at the end.

11. howies have made and will make some amazingly technical kit. (Ran in the long way home shorts, 2 NBL light base layers, the 8 miler jacket and the new bike jacket for spring)

12. Music helps a hard run.

13 Bad music don't.

14. The effort to get up, get out and run in awful weather is always worth it.

15 . The track on the map is not always where it should be in real life.

16. The farm dogs bite is worse than his bark.

17. Cows with horns and babies need back of the head eyes.

My goal this summer is to pick a great place to run and run and run and run and run...

hard times

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 January 2010

The snow lies deep  in our valley and we still have ice under the snow from before Christmas. With both log burners going we have gone through twice the wood we would in January.

And we have been putting out lots of food for the birds and in the tough times we get more than the usual crowd. We have had clouds of Fieldfare and Redwings. Woodpeckers have also been drawn out of the forest.

But this heron has been finding the winter too hard. I have seen it three times close when I have been walking and instead of taking to the air, it's just stood and watched me.

I found it lying in the river this morning whilst splitting firewood. It's energy stores had run out just before the thaw.

new word

  • Posted by ade
  • 4 January 2010


carnaby have invented a new word for the feeling of warm legs inside warm trousers on a cold day. "warmmary"

night ride adventure

  • Posted by ade
  • 18 November 2009

knee deep near the edgeover the hubsIt's been raining here. Rain rain rain rain.

Good rain. real heavy, thick, robust sustained rain which I prefer to ride in than thin drizzle.

Last night my lights failed, so I had to ride home with an emergency Petzl head torch.  Could just see the road ahead. When I got across Llechryd bridge the road had a huge puddle across it which could be a small flood, or a big flood.

It was big.  Just under waist deep in the deepest parts for about a mile.

Quite an adventure, but the legs were stone cold for the last 6 miles home.

bargain bike bits

  • Posted by ade
  • 6 November 2009

russell's bedroom

My old friend Russell who sells Cannondale for the South West is having a garage sale for all his salesman samples. He has got bikes new and used, components, clothing the lot. And it will all be bargain prices.

It's this Sunday 8th November 11am to 6pm at Barefoot Photography Studios, Bishops Chambers, 14 Cathedral Close, Exeter, EX1 1HA and it will be worth the effort.

Can you save me a hard tail?

a tattoo is for life...

  • Posted by ade
  • 2 November 2009

ready to ride

  • Posted by ade
  • 12 October 2009

i used to be a super v

it's taken 3 weeks to build my new frame up.

it needed a new seatpost and front mech cause cannondale have made the seat tube and bottom bracket one piece. so i had to wait for the 31.6 and the 34.9 to arrive.

then the kids bikes needed a service. then the chicken shed needed a coat of paint before the winter. then, then, then...

so i spent four great unrushed nights locked in the shed with bike bits, a full tool set, long wave radio and beer.

it got it's first ride to work last week. 8 miles of road and then a hack through the woods with no i-pod to test the kit and hear what wasn't working.

it ripped it up. what a bike. what a smile.

time to book a sunday out on the mountain.

nick's back

  • Posted by ade
  • 4 October 2009

the hand returns

at 3pm about 25 riders met nick in clevedon across from the pier for one last round of tea, coffee and cake before the big ride into bristol. the bikes wer a mix of tour de france technology and the oldest of school.

when i got to howies bristol shop there was just under 100 friends and family waiting to cheer him home and then a group of people who had joined the fray to see what was going to happen. Over 10 had made the trip over from Cardigan.

then he rounded the victoria rooms and rolled into queens road to clapping and cheers.

then hugs, kisses, smiles, tears, tea, cakes, beer, music, conversation, stories and pictures of the journey.

and then at 10.30 a very tired nick drove himself home, and his bike rested the night in store.

welcome home.

the crowd

what a great night

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