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Author Archives: ade

fforest microadventure

  • Posted by ade
  • 23 March 2011

I had a pint with James from Fforest at the end of last year and he told me of this adventure he'd just done with Al Humphries and James Bowden (who does our photography) that's just popped up on vimeo.

real adventure

real food

late summer

secluded beach

friends and family

cardigan bay

Take 3 minutes to have a watch and then plan your holiday to Cardigan.

run your own race

  • Posted by ade
  • 14 March 2011

Ruben (web), Scott (Cardigan store), Nathan (Accounts), Peter (The boss) and me went down to the Endurance Life running race in Little Haven, just down the coast from us on Saturday. Peter and Nathan ran the 10k (10.8K) and the rest of us ran the 1/2 marathon (16 miles!).

A simply run great event. Get there. Get a number. Get ready. Get a briefing. Get a timing chip. Get in the queue. Get running.

Once I tagged out it was off up the steep steps to the start of the coastal path.

Scott ahead and Ruben behind. I had been ill for two weeks so I was not sure I could do the distance or whether my body would. I took a steady tapping out climbing pace up the first steep climbs, then on the downhills loosen the hips, use the thighs and let go and just fly.

The path undulated for a few miles and once warm I started to sweat salt water. It ran in my eyes so I could not see the trail. I was also in the early part of the run descending into the pain of the task I'd set me.

I was loosing heart as I was passed by the faster boys. Then remembered it was me who had set me the task. I wanted to run this. It's always mile 5 that I hate. Where I want to give up, go home, rest, the wife to appear in the car. But it's the bit after that I love.

The part where you have to over come the doubt, not worry about how much is left, forget the other runners, relax into the exhaustion and just run your own race.

I crossed fields, skimmed styles, dabbed over the wet bits, ran as fast as my little legs would spin on the downs, tip toed the church lawn, touched the electric fence. I looked for seals on all the beaches, I held the gate open for the person I was running near, I rejoiced at over taking the bloke who lost me at the start and hated the woman who slowly disappeared out of sight on the road hill. Every red top was possibly Ruben on the scent, I descended  into despair at 5 miles and got pins and needle all over and lifted spirits when my sons favourite song hit the play list,  I regretted breaking early for home and I cramped the last two uphils. I wished for it to end early, I blistered, sprinted and nearly gagged to the finish.

Against me, I had come first.

And then it was done. Concrete legs, the soles of my feet bruised, near to throwing up, sweat soaked, hand shakes, give the timing chip back in return for a drink, loads of smiles, chatted to those previously silent competitors, drunk tea, clapped, got cold, waited for the rest to finish and felt the empty feeling of no regret.

I could not have gone one second faster.

I had run my own perfect race. 37th. 16 miles. 2hrs 29

Ruben my nemesis ran in.

Then Scott roared home looking, as he always does, happy.

If you run, come here next year and run.

want to work at howies?

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 March 2011

We are getting a new website this year. The old one has done us proud, but like the Walkman, it has its technological limitations in this modern world.

So we’re on the lookout for a full-time web/PR/marketing coordinator person to come to Cardigan to help us spread the word.

In a nutshell…

We are only a small team and like a canoe, there is one person per paddle.

You will be working in our HQ in Cardigan Bay (West Wales), reporting to Ruben the Ecommerce Manager.

You will be ‘Head of Getting it Out There’, making sure what we want to say is heard by the right people. You’ll get the key to our archive of words and pictures, and be working with our talented creatives which will give you incredible content to work with.

You will lead howies’ social media presence, monitoring and moderating the blog, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc and making sure that all our social sites are kept fresh and that we never go quiet or fail to reply to a question or comment. You will also work with us to use social media our way so we speak to those we want to hear our message without being overtly commercial.

Leave the rats to the rat race.

Moving forward you will have the chance to take an active role in future web development projects such as micro-sites, new website features and other digital work such as iPad/iPhone content and working with new markets.

A link to the job not in a nutshell!

Want to apply ?

Send an email to [email protected] explaining why you want to work with us and why you think you’re the right person for the job. Put your CV in too.  If you want to send something in the post the our address is howies, Bath House Road, Cardigan. SA43 1JY

When does it start ?

When can you start?

Love the Poles

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 March 2011

If like mine your kids bring home the tadpoles, here are the top line tips.

  1. Make sure there is plenty of spawn left when you take some.
  2. Put them in a glass container if you can. Never heard of a plastic river bed.
  3. Keep them in dechlorinated water. Leave tap water in the sun for a few hours before you drop them in. Preferably use the water you found them in. Change it when it looks like you wouldn't live in it.
  4. Stick in some aquatic plants for food and oxygen.
  5. Feed them on frozen then thawed lettuce or spinach and good flaked fish food. Not too much, think how much your kids eat then scale down to suit tadpole size
  6. Don’t pick them up, they have delicate skin. Licking soap off your hands and you'll get the idea.
  7. When they frog up, make sure they can get out the water to breath. Work out the exit strategy as they belong outside.

spring breakfast

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 March 2011

We were short of one for breakfast this morning.

I went to check the chicken shed and there was springs first.

Annie string legs had just laid a perfect warm egg.

From hen to tummy in 5 minutes.

I returned the favour to Annie snake legs with warm porridge and boiled greens for breakfast.

padding the day out

  • Posted by ade
  • 8 March 2011



Chris came to see us today.

He sell pads for cycling shorts. Everything we need to know about pads, Chris knows. He's be selling them for 10 years.

We are developing a padded short and we met Chris at a trade show where we found he supplied padded to the top cycling brands.

We spoke about different foams, perforations, silver threads, gel, hydrophilic, liquicel, sweat, 2d 3d 4d, men's and women's requirements, issues to do with nether regions and structural requirements to support the pad.

A more measured man you may not meet.

It’s all about the bike

  • Posted by ade
  • 7 March 2011

I got into work this morning and the cold from hell had just hit rock bottom.  Couldn't think, couldn't hear properly, nose bleeds!

Checked the calendar and Rob Penn who built his ultimate bike on TV was due to to the office today at 2pm.  He came over with Natalie from Penguin books who are his publishers.

Rob is working hard to spread the bike message and we have been chatting about doing something together for a few weeks, so he came over to visit to meet Pete in creative and work on the message.

I felt sorry for the non bikers in the room as we relayed stories of epic moonlit rides, back roads and scratched bikes.

But we did get some work done and with Rob coughing a few time I remembered to offer them tea 20 minutes after they had arrived.

We chatted over a ton of stuff and over the next few weeks we will let you know what we are doing.

Gonna have to get some miles cranked before I ride with this man.

Lunch breakout

  • Posted by ade
  • 15 February 2011


New shoes.

Heavy cold rain.

Filthy trails.

Big studs.

Flooded river

Lunch break.

Fforest loop.

Perfect to test my new trail shoes.

no map no compass

  • Posted by ade
  • 21 January 2011


I went upto Aberystwyth this week to see Joe from Summit Cycles about the Dyfi Enduro. I was chatting to Jim about doing a lunchbreak run on the way home and he suggested the coastal path to Borth and a nice 8 miler. There and back.

It was real tough. Thigh bursting up's. Ankle busting downs. Slippy mud.

The path was void of people and once through the first few up's and downs the legs warmed and the pain dulled down.

I ran all the way upto the cliff top memorial then turned into forward motion stopping wind. 4 miles out, thirsty and at the bottom of a killer climb with a force 6 in my face.

The wind really blew. It stopped me in my tracks. I was 5% of the distance back on the longest steepest climb and my spirit faultered. No water and no chance of a taxi.

Peanut Clif bar. The sun shone. The trail turned down. The carbs filtered in quickly and the legs retuned.

I broke for home.

The water in the car tasted just perfect.

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