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Hometown Easter Sample Sale.


We love our little hometown of Cardigan and it's a great feeling when we see local people out and about in town wearing our clothes, it makes us real proud.

So, this Easter weekend we've decided to give a little something back and we're going to hold one of our almost-famous sample sales right here in our Cardigan shop. It's going to mean emptying all the present stock and fittings and replacing them with rails and rails of samples and then swapping it all over again afterwards. So there's lots to do, but it will be worth it.

There will be some amazing bargains, including last-in-the-box pieces from seasons past, unique samples of items that were never put in to production and, if you are very lucky, one or two prototype samples from upcoming seasons. But remember, as always, stock is limited so early birds stand the best chance of finding the best bargains.

We hope we can encourage a few of you from far and wide to head over and experience a little bit of the beauty of this place we call home, and who knows, if there is time maybe we can get out for a run or a ride in the sunshvine.

The sale will run:

Friday 6th April: 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday 7th: 10.00 - 1700

Sunday 8th: 10.00 - 16.00

Monday 9th: 10.00 - 17.00

And as it's Easter weekend we might even have some chocolates to go with the kettle which is always on. So even if you don't find something you like in the sale, you'll be able to pick up a brew - while stocks last.

This is where the shop is in Cardigan

And this is where Cardigan is in Wales

Cardigan's Open Sunday

Pete and Aron have been up to the shop and fitted the Cardigan shop Christmas window in time for the weekend.

And, because it's the last weekend before Christmas, the shop will also be open on Sunday 11-4(ish).

There's lots of bargain knitwear as well as some great sample stuff to be found.

Cardigan late night lights

20% Off night in our Cardigan Shop

The streets will be shining brightly in Cardigan tomorrow night as we celebrate turning on the Christmas lights.

The shop is open late for the hustle and bustle, and between 5pm and 8pm we'll be doing 20% off everything in store.

We've got lots of great pieces in, including a few bits 'n' bobs that are no longer on the website.

Pop down and say hello.

Sample Sale

Looks like it will be busy in town this weekend as Cardigan prepares for the River & Food Festival tomorrow. The festival will be held at Cardigan's Quay Street car park situated on the River. The organisers are expecting around 8,000 people to drop by and indulge in the 70 food, drink and crafts on show.

Expect some well known chefs doing some cookery demos, there'll be live music, river events, children’s activities and street entertainment.

Oh - and across the bridge from the River and Food Festival, Cardigan shop is having a sample sale.

The warehouse team have been going through boxes and clearing out rails to put together some great stuff for you. Stuff we've used to measure. Stuff there's only 1 or 2 of. Stuff that never got made.

Limited edition stuff, if you like.

The kind of stuff that tends to go fast.

The things we find...

If you have ever been to cardigan shop, then you’ll know it’s full of old (and new) gems. People come into the shop looking for things that we don’t make anymore.

At the same time people have a love/hate relationship with the shop. One week you can come into the shop and find the perfect thing, like that old pair of skomer jeans you loved so much. Then the next time you come into the shop and we will have sold out, or, even worse sold out of your size…

It’s odd though, because although that was the last pair and we all know they are gone they will sometimes reappear a few weeks/months/years down the line.

Like this Hand-Me-Down Messenger bag. I knew we sold out, so did customer service and even the warehouse (we’ve asked them poor guys to search top to bottom for these bags).

Still - I opened a box earlier today to find the very last messenger.

Yup we have one left in stock…

If you would like it, just call or pop in.



Yesterday we had a massive delivery sent down from the warehouse, a little worried that we wouldn’t get it all out; I called Tracy and Maggie to see if they would pop down to the shop and help. After opening the first box we were faced with Merino punked scarves and our utility sweats. These boxes had the lot. So after a late night and an early morning we sorted the shop and got everything out*.

*Didn’t quite get it all out!

My granddad came in to see me, the other day he was followed by a man wearing a big blue jacket. ‘This is your cousin from Canada’ he said. I obviously found this a bit shocking because I didn’t realise I had family in Canada. The strangest part was when I asked him how he got to our little town of Cardigan. He cycled …

Not only that but he did it on a 10 year old touring bike… My first thought was this guy must be crazy. When I asked why he decided to cycle he told me that that’s what he does in Canada so he didn’t know any different.

His journey started on the 16th of Sept in Heathrow with him assembling his bike in terminal 5 and thinking of the long journey ‘on the wrong side of the road’. The first few days where a fight, between rain, head winds and himself.

Going through Cheltenham and a long slog to Merthyr Tydfil. After so much travelling (already) he only hit his first nasty climb leaving Abergavenny to BlaenAvon.
Not realising that there was a hiking festival on at the time, this meant that there was no accommodation. Tired he decided to set up camp outside of an entertainment complex.

He managed to make it to Cardigan for Tuesday the 21st where he stayed with family.
After chatting to him in the shop I went to visit that night at my grandparent’s house, eager to find out more about his journey.
I didn’t have to talk to him long to realise that this was the half way point of his journey and that he had more family to visit on the way back…

I was greeted this morning with an e-mail from him saying that he was back at home.
From what I can gather the main lesson that he learnt from this was that his bike was not geared low enough for 14% grades.

‘With a trip like this you expect something to break on a 10 year old touring bike but nothing happened, not even a flat. I can't kill that bike’.

Not bad for a guy who had no map, no compass.

Nice job Johnny.


Its no secret that at howies we like photos and people who have a passion for their sport. So when I got sent a nice magazine I got reminded of the Nissan outdoor games, it’s no surprise that I got a little excited, It’s the perfect example of people doing what they love.

The idea is simple, teams get one week to photograph and film athletes doing extreme sports (Base Jumping, Climbing, hang gliding, kayaking, MTB and paragliding), then by the end of the week they have to put together a production that is then played on a giant screen in a selected location to a massive crowd.

To see what sort of craziness they get up to click here.


I've noticed that howies has its own little preferences depending on where you are! Bristol like photography and Art, Carnaby like dogs and chocolate... at Cardigan shop we love canoes and anything to do with the water. If you mix all that together and add a few things you get howies HQ.

The past few times we have canoed to work, Ruben (from howies HQ)has asked me if I would give him a few lessons on solo canoeing, so last night at the last minute I agreed to give him a bit of coaching for an hour or so.

We navigated the chain that holds the canoes together and eventually got on the river. Ruben has canoed a few times before but only as a tandem paddler so it's not surprising that things started a little twitchy, By the end of it we got Ruben going in a straight line and even navigating some rapids.

So this is a pat on the back for Ruben. Well done.

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