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Author Archives: cardiganshop

we like cake

This morning Tracy, a nice person who works in the shop popped in to say hello and she brought Scott and I these cupcakes. She made them herself and they were really yummy. Thanks Tracy

Where are they?

Some people stand out in a crowd. There could be a hundred reasons why. For example this lady would be easy to spot in a crowd (she’s big and blue)...

This is Paul!

A lot of people I know would say that he definitely stands out of a crowd. Can you find him? (Comment on the bottom if you can find him. If you don’t want to cheat don’t look at the comments...)

I'll add another one soon...

A big day

We have been very lucky recently in Cardigan. We have had our River and food festival last Saturday. This Saturday we have had our 900th year celebration. So during the sleepy hours of the night Maggie, Tracy and myself (Scott), Started sorting the shop for yet another Sample sale.

From Kev displaying his hand built boats, to climbing walls,

It was the river and Food festival but much bigger...

Pizza and tipis.

Saturday was the day of the River & Food festival, and I started my working day with a giant tipi and the smell of freshly made stone baked pizza.

Without saying too much it was a day full of sample sales,


and Cardigan's very own Presley from Preseli.

and the day was finished off with a Canoe Vs Dragon showdown on the river by the bridge.

There is a lot more to come next Saturday (21/08/10).

The Bitches!!

Well It’s that time of year again, the sun is out (some of the time), and everyone seems to be looking for time to go for a paddle. It’s the perfect time to get the gang together and go to the Bitches. For those who don’t know what the bitches is, it’s a place off the coast of St David’s, It was given it’s name because of the amount of ships it has caught out and sunk, it’s in the sea and it’s not just a case of paddling a mile off the coast and finding it, you need the tide to be perfect. It’s definitely not a place for beginner paddlers. There are many risks on the way and even more on the way back.

 But once you get there, you have perfect standing waves and holes (a bit like a weir). It’s almost the perfect play spot for kayakers. I remember the first time I went and I saw the sea change in front of me. It’s so strange to see it go from a perfect flat to seeing a standing wave in the middle of calm(ish) waters. Brilliant!

Old shop/new shop...

Recently cardigan shop has been bit of a crazy place. It all started with a few chalkboards, the next thing I know Pete and Davie are sticking stuff to the walls and helping me put some new a-frames in the store…

 Well, to cut a long story short, new a-frames meant we needed more stock. So I went to see Kim and Robin and discovered that they had a hidden stash of merino, not only that but we also found lots of stock from summer 2009. So we filled the biggest box we could find and took it to the shop. Topped with the summer sale it’s definitely worth having a look…

Bus crashers!

It was a normal morning in Cardigan shop, the 25 local swans where terrorising the fish. When, all of a sudden some nice people and I heard a crash. We looked out the window to see a bus stopped having redesigned our sign and the wall it’s connected to...

It's ok though because after closing we did some technical testing and discovered it's safe to open... now where is Simon the carpenter when you need him...?

20%off everything!!!

It’s the bank holiday and things seem to be getting to look a bit more like summer, there are more Canoeists on the river and more people seem to be smiling in general. To help make that grin a little bigger, Cardigan shop has an extra 20% off everything until Tuesday lunch time. That includes sample items and stuff that is already on sale.


 So come have a look, who knows what you’ll find!?


Dusty path!

It was my day off on Monday so I decided that the best thing to do on such a sunny day is to go for a walk. So I put my off-road flip-flops on and I walked to a local village called Cilgerran (that’s where I grew up). I’ve walked this walk thousands of times, and I’ve always know that it’s a nice walk but I’ve never paid attention to it. So as I looked up from the dusty path I paid attention to what I saw. It’s amazing what you don’t see even when you walk past it every day.

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