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After I closed the shop on Friday I was told by Lydia that tomorrow (Saturday) I may be getting some visitors, who have been cycling through the early hours of the morning from Manchester to Cardigan.

This is the journey in their words:

The alarm went off at 5am and we were on the road by 6.15am. We made good steady progress through to Chester where a breakfast stop was needed. Fully refuelled and back on the road the miles began to roll by as we passed through Llandegla and along to Y Bala before continuing on the A494 alongside the shores of Llyn Tegid. The next section of road down to Dolgellau was beautiful in the afternoon sun and among some of the best road riding we’d experienced.

Soon we arrived at Machynlleth where another box of energy bars were consumed and a phone call to howies to let them know we were running late but my phone ran out of credit….great! Off again on the leg to Aberystwyth which had some of the hardest climbs of the day…or so we thought. We arrived in Aberystwyth around 5.30 pm for a strong coffee and a quick rest. There were a lot of students in town dressed up for prom celebrations, meanwhile we were stood there smelling of sweat and road grime while everyone else smelt of perfume and soap…nice.

The final leg from Aberystwyth to Cardigan was to be the hardest of the day, not just due to tiredness but also as we decided to buy food along the way. This was a mistake as we soon discovered that there were no chip shops open and had to buy snacks to finish the final leg.

The bike ride was fantastic journey and one to do again in the future, any advice?!  Make sure you have a banquet at Aberystwyth to get you over those never ending hills!

These guys did this for two main reasons:

  1. To make a comparison between their journey and that of a same day delivery service.
  2. How hard could it be? (Famous last words…)

It’s amazing to see what people will do to prove a point, and I think they proved it well… I mean after a distance of 162 miles, a max of 43.8 mph and an ascent of 3000 meters they saved 58.6 Kg on carbon emissions. Plus it’s an awesome excuse to fill up on cake ready for the 41 mile cycle to the nearest train station...

If you would like to find out more about what they are doing and all about, have a look at their websites: www.bikeright.co.uk www.thecarboncycle.co.uk

All for one!

It was lunch time at Cardigan shop, and I decided it was a good time to sort through some of my water safety kit. As I’m counting through first aid stuff and sorting through clips etc, I hear: ‘Scott we need a hand. Got any rope?’ I turn to find local star and hero Charlie.

 To turn a long story into a short one, it’s a shame to say but for some reason more and more rubbish is being found in our river, from shopping bags to bikes, and unfortunately this is becoming more obvious. 

So using Robbie as an example, Charlie had found this bike in the river and had decided to fish it out. Any Rope I had wasn’t long enough, so we resorted to asking Patsy from fforest and their shop full of rope. We connected a bungee with hooks to some rope and went fishing. 

What started with 3 people trying to get a bike out of the river ended with all sorts of people old any young alike in an effort to get this bike out from its premature watery grave. All of a sudden it became a community thing although it’s not much I like to think we have started something, and the river looks a bit better for it too…  Chris from the blog told me that…

Climb, run or jump!

As each day passes things seem to be getting warmer and brighter and I have found myself looking for any excuse to get out into the sun. So, I had a day off on Sunday and decided it was a brilliant day for a coasteer. I met with some friends from fforest, using only a summer wetsuit and a new bay surf thermal for warmth off we went.

After loads of scrambling, swimming and jumping by Cardigan island we decided that it was time to come in from the sea and back to the car park. I guess that’s why we do our sports, so we can cycle, climb, run or jump to them places you can’t get to without going that extra mile.

Box of joy

Today I had a new box of joy given to me, it was full of Samples and more classic old tees from the archives than you can shake a stick at.

After lots of 'I wonder if that'll fit me', we decided that the best thing to do would be to put it out, so now it's out on our rails for all to see...

Under the river…

It was lunch time and I wanted some tea, so I went down the steps and into Fforest (my favourite coffee shop) and filled up a pot. It was at that point I noticed something tucked away in the corner. A shiny looking bike, I didn’t recognise any bits on the bike so I decided to find out a bit more by talking to the owner, Robbie.

It turns out that the bike was actually salvaged from the river, he saw the potential in it and decided to do it up, and with a bit of sand paper and a lick of paint he managed to transform a geared bike into a fixed gear. He spent some cash on a few new bits, but if a fifteen year old can salvage and recycle something like this, then I think there is a good lesson for the rest of us…

20% off the weekend.

Well bank holiday weekend is around the corner and things are getting a bit warmer... (That said the sea is as cold as ever).

So if you’re looking to stay warm (New bay surf Thermal) or cool down (Good old fashioned tees). Not only do we have the works but we have 20% off the lot until midday Monday. That includes all our awesome samples. After a good surf you may find yourself sat around a camp fire wrapped up in one of our cuddy shirts thinking 'best weekend ever'.

You can use this offer online and in our other shops as well - click here for more details on that.

Sample awesomeness!

Well, we did it! Last weekend we worked hard to get all our fancy new sample stuff out on the shop floor. We have some of the best samples I’ve seen yet, from something that looks like a sample pair of tom proof jeans to a nice and soft sample cuddy shirt.
I wonder if anyone can find the sample Quickburst jacket that’s been hidden in the store...

Saturday spring day.

Things are getting very exciting now. This Saturday is the big day for Cardigan shop. We have been trying to move all of our sale stock so that we have room for all the lovely new stuff we have coming into the shop. There is also talk of a prize draw…

…Well if you’re interested why not pop into the shop for bit of a chat? We’d love to know what you think of our shop and our new stock…


As the season comes to and end, and so is the sale, we have decided that Cardigan shop needs to clear out it's last few winter bits. So until we do the big changeover for Spring, there is an extra 20% off everything in store.

We have got some unique stuff that never made it to production, some older classic pieces and tomorrow we get another few boxes of special stuff from the back of the warehouse.

So if you are in Ceredigion over the next couple of days and are up for a rustle through some bargains drop by.

Just Cardigan shops way of spreading some niceness...

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