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Author Archives: cardiganshop

The warmer things in life!

After braving the weather for the past couple of weeks I came to the conclusion that I was a bit bored of being cold. So, I decided to have a look in our stockroom to see what I could find. I couldn’t believe my luck! I found Warm 49ers, Barrier Hoodies, Cuddy shirts, Warm Marys and a few Cosy Wrap knits.

All of a sudden I'm not so cold.


New ImageThursday was a busy day in Cardigan shop! Tess had joined the team, so after a hard days training I decided the best way to celebrate was with a pot of tea. As I ran down to Fforest, our sign was standing happily in the glow of the streetlamps. Five minutes later as I came past with the tea I saw the unthinkable…

…Someone (or something) had destroyed our sign and left it propped up against itself. As soon as we had finished our tea, we acted promptly and called our in-house forensic team (Ade and Ruben). After many seconds worth of testing the results came back inconclusive, we don’t know what did it. My personal view is that it’s a local creature known only as the Beast of Boncath.
As you can probably see from the picture despite the horrific destruction we have 20% off most things until Sunday (yep we are open on Sunday). So pop in and say hello.

Aberteifi & Fish

After a load of sweet talking and bribery I finally have them in stock. Yay! Unfortunately there is a catch, they are VERY limited edition and I won’t be getting any more. Good luck!

Happy Birthday Cardigan Shop!

I don't think many of you know this but this Saturday is a big day for Cardigan shop! After a lot of Tables being dragged across the floor, Wardrobes falling down the stairs, rails breaking and the odd hyperactive person running around we have finally made it through the year.

Yep you guessed it Cardigan shop is one this Saturday, and we are going to celebrate it the old fashioned way. For one day only we have decided to reduce all in store purchases down 20%, If it’s on sale or not. But that’s not it Oh no, our very own Hollie has decided to make cake for the first people to arrive in the shop, yummy. Oh I almost forgot there is also bit of a prize draw ask one of us in the shop to find out a bit more about that...

Muddy rain!

The past couple of weeks in Cardigan bay have been emotional as far as the weather is concerned. I've heard so many people complain about the rain, the usual sentence is: 'it's just so miserable, I don't want to go out'.

Well I look at the rain with delight, more rain means better creek boating for all us canoeists and kayakers out there it also means more mud for all the mountain bikers. Now thanks to the lovely team at HQ sending me down a load of winter warm stock I can get out of my boat put on my Warm 49ers and Barrier Hoody, and be safe in the knowledge I'm snug as a bug in a rug.

I love the rain...

pizza Day!!!

If you have ever popped into the cardigan store to say hello, you may have noticed the clay oven that is tucked away in the car park!

Well good news everyone! This Friday (the 30th) Small world Theatre and fforest Outdoors are opening the pizza oven from about 10.00am until 7.00pm for anyone that has £4.00 and some toppings!
So while your munching your pizza, grab a cup of tea and come say hello to us in Cardigan store. I'm sure we can open late for you, or maybe for some pizza...


This lunch time I decided to pop into HQ to share my pre Halloween sweets. You know the sweets that you buy with the intention of giving to 'trick or treaters' but you end up eating yourself!

I was rewarded with a box full of glorious samples, this box contained so many cool things I didn't know what to do, some of these samples look remarkably like our Fredrik Western shirts with a couple of small differences for a nice price. Exciting stuff...

Happy weekend!

I know it's a bit early to be saying 'Happy weekend', but the end of a Thursday is close enough isn't it? Plus we have every reason to be happy don't we? I mean considering some of the things that we have had in this week, like the very rare and limited 'sample barrier hoody' with a few of them being sizes a bit, smaller...

... save me explaining, it's best to just come and have a look!

Laugh in the face of washing!

So this is it once again, the weekend is upon us! Now as we all know the weekend is a good time to get a little exited, and why not? It's the perfect time to get our clothes wet and muddy from a nice long bike ride.

Luckily at howies we know what its like, so the nice guys and girls at HQ sent us some awesome kit to help keep you a bit dryer (including women's sample towpath trousers). What a bunch of nice people...

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