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Author Archives: cardiganshop

Deep inside the warehouse!


I rolled into work the other morning to find a giant pile of boxes waiting for me, curious to see what I had been given I opened one of the boxes to find some of the coolest stock ever. It was jammed full of all kinds of samples, old ones and new ones, one-offs and testers. Then at the bottom of the box I found some things from the depths of our warehouse never before seen by more than a handful of people...

So to pass that happy feeling onto others, I've put it out for all to enjoy, lets hope there is something for everyone. I could do with a celebration! I wonder if Bristol shop have any of that cake...

More new stuff

Well its official, the excitement is getting to much for me! Last week as you know things got a bit, well, crazy! It all started with (what looks to be the remnants of) a pack of biscuits, the next thing I knew I got a jean size in small and a stool to sit on (thanks Ade), and now this...

...HQ have sent me some samples, these aren't your everyday samples oh no, these are one of a kind can't be found in any other place samples. Blimey...

In Short!

I'm exited! Today is a good day for all them gentlemen that can only find jeans in a regular fit even though they need/want a short fit. Thanks to the guys in HQ, today that has all changed, We now stock certain jeans in short, regular and long. So now we can all enjoy howies jeans in a size that fits.

More wool

After a shortage of men's merino wool, I resorted to asking our local sheep if they would kindly grow some for us. Well, suffice to say that didn't work! So I decided to check the stockroom instead, I found loads of the stuff, so now I'm happy to say we now have more merino wool than you can shake a stick at.

cardigan shop


On tuesday, with the aid of a few wicker baskets, Sarah, Emma and Hollie came down to the shop on a mission.

The shop has been arranged much better for customer browsing, lots of reductions have been made, more stock has been put out and we have a large amount of new items, old items, kids clothes and merino on sale for a good price.

Its also made my job working here a lot easier, thanks guys!

Far too sunny...


...to be wearing trousers.

Get yourself down here to pick up some shorts.

At the moment we've got a fantastic offer on. Buy 2 pairs of shorts, and we'll give you the cheapest for free.


Working on a day like today does have it's perks- the view's not bad:

View from the shop window.

Just a reminder...

We're open tomorrow (11am-4pm) and bank holiday Monday (9.30am-5.30pm).

We've just received 2 big boxes full of women's tees with classic designs. (Including some old T-shirts of the week). A second chance for those who didn't get their order in in time.

If you want to check if we've got a specific design before venturing out- you can give us a ring on 01239 623 745.

Have a great weekend

Opening hours

Now that the sun stays out a bit longer, we've decided to enlongate our opening hours.

 So we'll be open from 9.30am til 5.30pm from now on. (Monday-Saturday)

Also, we'll remain open on bank holiday weekend- 11am-4pm on Sunday 3rd and usual hours on Monday 4rth.

I hope that satisfies your shopping needs!



...lost an earing? 


It's a long shot, I know!

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