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Don't throw that jacket away!

It's that time of year again, in sets the cold and rain.  Looking out your old waterproof jacket?  Maybe it's working great, waterproof and breatable.  Or maybe it's lost its lustre?

When your jacket is dirty this causes the fabric to 'wet out' and loose its breatability.  If you wash your jacket in a standard washing detergent it will not help matters either, as it leaves residue behind.  You could use a non-detergent based tech wash.  This will not compromise the breathability or waterproofing of your jacket.  However over time your jacket will loose its durable water repellency, which is where re-proofing comes into play.


We think you should get the best out of your clothes so... we are now selling Grangers 30° 2 in 1 Cleaner and Waterproofer, at the Carnaby Street store and Bristol store.  This product has energy saving in mind, as you only need to use one wash cycle.    It is bluesign certified; and is the only aftercare company to have this accreditation.  Bluesign is the world's only independant benchmark that guarantees products are free  from harmful substances, and as such are safe for humans and the environment.  We also have Grangers XT proofer spray available.  Many conventional re-proofers rely on heat being applied to activate it.  This means using your tumble drier or and iron.  We don't want you to use this energy unnecessarily.  The XT proofer restores the perforormance of your jacket, with simply airdrying it after you have sprayed it.

I know this reads a bit like an infomercial...but hopefully we have imparted some knowledge on aftercare for you.

Wee Do- Respect the Mountain

With a chill in the air sweeping over London, we thought it an appropriate time to focus on an issue that winter sports enthusiasts should have a great interest in.

Our next Wee Do at the Carnaby Street store is next Tuesday, 17th November; and we have Betony Garner coming in to talk about the Ski Club of Great Britain campaign Respect the Mountain.

She is passionate about green issues and has been trying to raise awareness about how to minimise the impact of snowsports on the environment for the last four years.

respect the mountain

Respect the Mountain was a campaign launched by the Ski Club of Great Britain in 2004 with the aim of safeguarding the mountains for future generations to enjoy. Its basis is raising awareness and educating skiers, snowboarders, resorts and the whole snowsports industry on how they can do their bit to minimise their impact on the environment. The talk will investigate how the mountains have changed, how humans have impacted them and what we can do as skiers and snowboarders to help.

For more information about the campaign go to: www.respectthemountain.com

 If you would like a free ticket to this event, please email ([email protected]) or call us (0207 287 2345) to reserve a space. 

As always we have free organic beers and juice available.  Doors open at 7.15pm.  Spaces are limited so get in touch quickly.

 Hopefully see you there :)

Staircase Gallery- Graham Carter

They have arrived...

second skin

the second skin jumpers are finally here in Carnaby St just in time for winter and they are truly amazing, it has definitely been worth the long agonising wait, we all put one on straight out of the box, so if you can't find your size you're going to have to wrestle us for ours (seriously), im ordering mine first thing monday morning!

and the winner is...

On tuesday a lovely lady Julie Mackey came in to our shop to tell us that she was really upset about not being able to make it to our Battersea dogs home 'wee do' lecture but would like to donate one of her doggy prints to us and maybe try and raise a bit of money for Battersea.

We decided to do a secret ballot after the talk and let people enter there highest bid, we had alot of generous offers but in the end the winner of the poster was George Bridgeman... dog poster

I'm sure his donation will help to make alot of dogs and cats very happy!

A really sweet girl called Julie Mackey just came in the shop.  She very generously donated a signed A2 screen print she made of 'dogs', for us to auction off at our Battersea Dogs Home Wee Do talk this evening.  She is a recently graduated illustrator from Middlesex University.  The proceeds from the print will go directly into Battersea Dogs Home donation tin.

If you're coming to the Wee Do tonight bring some cash with you...this is an awesome print!

dogillustration 002

Business as usual!


The phone is back in business, so feel free to give us a ring, sorry about any inconvinience the last few days!

0207 287 2345

Light it up Jim!


It's that time of year again...the Christmas lights on Oxford Street are being turned on tonight.  Usually it's a "well loved" British celebrity who does it.  Not this year...no no...it's only going to be Jim Carrey!!!!!!!!

jim carrey

So make sure you're down at Oxford Circus for 5pm

Wee Do-g! Battersea Dog's Home


Hold onto your hats people!  We have the wonderful people (and dogs) from Battersea Dogs Home coming in next Tuesday 3rd November (7.30pm) to give a Wee Do lecture on their work – they will be bringing in two of their canine friends to assist with providing the more technical elements of the talk.

This is going to be a fantastic event.  We are massive dog people here at the Carnaby Street store - next to our till we have two dog breed books, a pack of 3d dog cards, and four dog puzzles.  We all prefer mutts, but we also just put together our top five dog breed lists to celebrate the moment.  What would yours be?

As an added bonus we are providing a sneaky 10% discount, for half an hour, at the end of the talk – just a little bonus seeing as we just took delivery of our winter collection. 

As usual the talk is free – however if you put your name down, but are unable to make it please let us know since others will loose out otherwise – just contact us at the store (our phones are down at the min) just email  [email protected].  We will also have free organic beer and juice. 

We will be taking donations from attendees for Battersea Dogs Home should you feel so inclined. 

To say that I am excited is not a lie.

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