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Author Archives: carnaby st

Sore knees

Tom from the store here.
Yesterdays practice marathon run was much harder then my 16 mile one 2 weeks ago. I decided to go for 3 hours, hoping to get as close to 20 miles as possible. I got to 20 miles in 2hrs 58mins. I was happy, but my post run feeling wasn't. I went to my local cafe and although tired and thirsty I decided to go with a chips and sausage lunch with choclate cake. The food of athletes I like to think, but not the smartest post- run pick- me- up. I felt a bit sick, and today the knees feel like they have aged 200 years. Hopefully on the day I'll feel better, and the aim is now for under 4 hours.

squash envy

this is phil (pictured with amelia) proudly wearing his allotment envy tshirt, bought for him by laura his wife and vegetable enthusiast!

(homegrown 'crookneck' squash accessory, customers own)

Feel good run

Tom from the store here.
I love to ride my bike, but recently had been thinking about running more. I never really run, only on a machine in the gym. My friend told me 3 weeks ago he was running the Dublin marathon at the end of October so I went home and booked my place too. Ive been running a few times a week now and on thursday managed 16 miles in under two and a half hours. With alot of my tough bike rides I've finished feeling exhausted, but when I got to mile 16 I felt great. I have a pedometer and after the run Lance Armstrongs voice came on and congratulated me on my best run. I walked home from the park with a huge grin on my face, much to the confusion of many a driver. Next thursday I'm aiming for 19 miles. =)

our day out!

working hard on our recent trip to cardigan to visit howies HQ!


funnily enough i honestly thought this day would never actually come...

but METALLICA are good again!!!

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