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Wil Gritten Wee Do


One of Wales’s most sexy men, Wil Gritten has flown back from his Bondi Beach pad for a whirlwind UK tour. Wil, who has modelled all over the world for some of the biggest fashion houses, was once voted Wales’ 13th sexiest man by the Western Mail. But all that posing is behind him. Now he grows organic vegetables, surfs and makes weird music. He also writes books, in which he talks about his travels and confesses his secrets. Letting Go is one of the first four titles in an exciting new series...

Wil says goodbye to his family and friends in North Wales, and hello to adventure in South America, heading into the unknown, away from comfort and predictability in a bid to ‘let go’. From the beach he lives on with only a stray dog for company, to his final destination with its tearful goodbyes, Wil shares the joys and the trials of his search for freedom of the soul. He talks candidly of friendships, drugs, sex, politics, of the fear and elation he experiences along the way, of how dangerously close ‘letting go’ can come to ‘losing it’ when the boundary between exploration and hedonism becomes blurred. 

This is no ordinary series of books. To start with, all four authors are pretty damn young (and also, possibly, pretty, young, and damned). Before they’d turned thirty, they had each approached Parthian with their manuscripts, which varied in style and genre, but were all examples of exceptional literary talent. The Bright Young Things series was born.

7.30 pm Tuesday 21st of September, howies Carnaby Street.. pop down to hear Wil talk of his travels and adventures, we have organic beer and juices, and plenty of chairs to perch on. Tickets are free as usual but give us a ring on 0207 287 2345 or drop us an email [email protected] to reserve your place.

Enjoyed The Ride

We had a full house last night for The Ride Journal's Wee Do talk. Lots of people...

Lots of bikes...

Lots of fun. A big thank you to everyone who came to see it, and of course the Diprose brothers (The Ride Journal creators) for a really good talk. And an extra thank you to Innocent Drinks and Pitfield Beers (we had a fair few) for keeping us hydrated.

It was inspirational stuff. See you at the next one!

Bike info for tonights 'Wee Do'

hello to everyone who is planning to come along to tonight's talk, if you are needing a place to park your bikes then could you get down a little earlier approx 7:15pm?  just so we can find places to squeeze them all in.


see you later on!

Wee Do – The Ride Journal

this Tuesday, 7th September we have the creators of  'the ride journal' joining us at Carnaby Street to do a Wee Do Lecture.

they will be here to tell us all about the inspiration behind the books, how they put their ideas into reality, the huge success they have now become and what's going to be happening from here. 

if you missed your chance to get hold of the first 3 they are available to download from the website and are well worth it, issue 4 is still currently available to buy but be quick because i doubt they will hang around for long.

the lecture will begin at 7:30pm, if you would like to come down or know anyone else who may like to come then just drop us an email at [email protected] or ring us on 0207 287 2345 and reserve your free tickets.

the usual beers and juices will be available to quench your thirsts.

we hope to hear from you all soon!

Washed In Surf

Lovely Sinead just finished the wall display for the new rock salt jeans here at Carnaby Street. It looks pretty darn good.

Always nice to have an artist in the group. You can find more about the new jean washes here for men and here for women, and you can find more of Sinead's work on her website.

New Things Friday

We have a bunch of new things at Carnaby St today. Jess is sorting out the new denim.

I'm scanning in the new merino bits (Men's and Women's. Seriously soft stuff).

And Sinead and Toby are handling the new window and wall display (Jess is helping with that too).

New stuff. Holding hands. Good times.




This is my last day at howies, i've been here since April 2008 and with regret I'm moving onto another job.

I'm going to miss the Shop Staff and the people at HQ also, not as much as i'm going to miss the ridiculous amounts of Tea.

I leave you with a picture of me playing to a sold out Camden Underworld.

I'm off to pack my bags and catch a flight to Greece now,

it's been emotional.


A bit short notice but we're in need of a guy aged between 25 and 45 to nip down to the Carnaby Street shop this afternoon to have some photos taken in one of our jackets.. the sooner the better! Anyone knocking around central London with some time to kill? Please give us a ring  on 0207 2872345 (we'll give you some nice things as a thanks).

Mars Is A World of Wonders

A friend showed me these amazing videos from The Symphony of Science. All your favourite scientists autotuned to beats.. amazing!

Sinead x


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