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The mini welsh adventure

  • Posted by dan
  • 11 May 2011

It's a slight change from the wintery pictures you have been seeing of late but here is my April blog.

Me and beatrice set off on an adventure to explore some of wales on my parent's bikes with plenty of luggage including camping gear, in total nearly 20kg on each bike.

We saw some amazing views, riding from Haverfordwest all along the coast line until Cardigan and stopped there for 3 days on the howies photoshoot then continued on....

Tenby has the best food spots.

Aberaeron has the best fresh fish.

Aberystwyth the most students in drag on friday night.

Elan valley, just lots of ruins and never-ending windy hills on which the time passes faster by wheeleing the bike, looking at rivers and playing games like guessing the number of ruins or trying not to say 'nice' for the duration of the day.

The road before elan valley has the most random post box next to some woods in the middle of nowhere.

Devils bridge, some lovely waterfalls.

Rhaeder has the best quiche lunch!

And home is home :)

We had pretty sore legs and some well tested merino from howies at the end of the last day after riding 50miles on mountainbikes and luggage over the elan valley hills and back home but it was well worth it.

Here are just a few of the pictures we took. hope you enjoy them



In the mountains – Part 3

  • Posted by dan
  • 5 April 2011

So we had a sunny day a few weeks back and hiked up to the top on our touring skis.

Standing at the very top on the peak there wasn't much room to move around with a drop behind me, to my side and in front so I didn't hang around for too long....

Below is a picture of me dropping in at the very top just before dropping off the rocks.

That day we also hiked up toward an amazing piece of glacier which made us feel very very small.....

The next day we sat at a nice restaurant by the lake looking at the mountain and pointing at stuff we really wanted to ski. So we planned this little day tour up to the highest peak and a route down the mountainside all the way to the frozen lake at the bottom then across back over to the lift system.

The route up is in green. It took us about three hours to reach our first stop which is the orange 'x' near the top

This picture sums up exactly how the mountains can very easily make you feel. Small and vulnerable.

......Laura checking out the awesome view. (on the 1st route plan above this is at the orange 'x' )

The picture below shows the red 'x' from the first route plan (the very peak) but from a different angle ......as you can see it's sheer cliff on the back. So next we head round the right side of it and start to climb up the last steep part to have lunch at the top!

It took us nearly another hour to reach the very top. But so worth it! Possibly the best view I have ever seen in my life. with nobody else around apart from some huge birds of prey gliding around above us.

Below is a picture of Laura about 3 metres away from the very peak to her left. We stopped here to enjoy lunch and our nice cold beer that we took with us. It was so amazing we stayed for nearly an hour not wanting to leave.

....by far the best tasting beer I ever had!

And now for the action shots......

Below: Skiing on the edge! This one gave me a dry mouth walking up to the edge. It was a huge wind lip of snow overhanging the rock, below was steep and rocky with one line to go for and no mistakes. And with lots of air to my left as you can see.

Adrenaline can be quite addictive I believe. So once you're on the edge there's no turning around.......

The winter season comes to an end soon.
I leave Switzerland on the 27th April to visit wales for a few weeks.

Some photo shooting with my friends at howies and a nice bike ride along the welsh coast. Then back to Switzerland for most of the summer where I'll be working and racing bikes for Scott.

This Tuesday I have an injection of some sort into my spine to help fix a disk hernia. So no action until the doctor says otherwise.

See you


Just a little something

  • Posted by dan
  • 14 March 2011

Mountain adventures – Part 2

  • Posted by dan
  • 7 March 2011

It's that time again, already a whole month has passed.

This month we had some great days touring, boot hiking, a little climbing rocks in ski boots which was interesting.

Day one. Here are a few nice pictures from Jon and myself. This first hike through the fresh powder took us two and a half hours in snow at least up to our knees all the way . Some parts of the day you really didnt want to look down or even think about falling!

Ill try and put together a full video for next month of some nice
skiing but just for now here is a little video clip from the top of
our hike.

As I would like to point out at this point. YES IT WAS AWESOME!

Below you can see how hiking tracks from about half way up until the top (green) then our first descent above the cliff then through the rocks (red) this was just the beginning of our run down which lasted a good 20 minutes of untouched couloirs and open powder and finished with a nice cold beer in the sun.

Our second day hiking was equally as beautiful. To start off with here is a picture which sums up Jon's visit from start to finish. Chocolate and tee-shirt in the snow. To this day the only man I have ever seen turn up on the bus at a ski resort, 11.30 pm in temperatures below zero in a pair of shorts! As he like to make clear, he is Scottish and has thick skin!

Some very steep scarmbling on the rocks in stiff ski boots. A little
challenging for Jon's second day but we got there in the end.

Jon was extremely happy to see some flat ground again after his rock
climbing. After his little cuddle with safe ground we moved on for
another hour or so until we reached the top for lunch.

Below: I did anticipate sitting down for lunch perched near the edge
of this vertical cliff, however Jon didn't feel quite the same. As he
pointed out if we did fall we would more than likely have time to
finish lunch on our way down through the air.

If you're still not quite convinced how beautiful the scenery is out in the mountains here are some more lovely shots from the afternoon.

The rest of the month up until now has been rather dry, with nearly three weeks without snow it has n ow been snowing on and off for about a week now so the conditions are great again. Other than skiing I've been busy painting on my new easle in my bedroom. Here is one of four portraits I am currently working on during my days off skiing.

Monday is Doctor's appointment with an xray on my back to try and resolve a few problems I've been having there, then physio in the evening.

But right now as I look out the apartment window there is snowflakes half the size of my palm, falling heavy and fast...... so I guess I'll go for a ski!

Bye for now!


Dan Yeomans Art

  • Posted by dan
  • 7 February 2011


I have just received an email from the Florence Academy of Art advising me that their selection committee has unanimously approved my application, with a view to starting Art school in September 2011. They are one of the most prestigious art schools in the whole of Europe and aim to train a select group of highly skilled realist painters and Sculptors.

Here is a link to their website.


In order to fund my study for this course which is about $15,375 per year, I am offering any one who is interested the opportunity to order a painting in advance.
The idea being that they would buy a painting for approximately £600-£1000pounds, depending on the composition and size, for future delivery.

After I have finished the course and have more experience, I would paint them a portrait as previously agreed, which would be of considerably greater value than the amount paid.

If you are interested, or are able to pass this message on to someone who may be, I would be most grateful.

I have to confirm my place by the 11th February 2011 by paying a deposit, the remainder being due before september.

Attached are some examples of my latest work.

Charcoal sketches from life and a painting.

Kind regards,

Dan Yeomans



  • Posted by dan
  • 3 February 2011

Brings a few changes in lifestyle for some.

After december any aches and injuries left over start to take their
toll. The most common being 'shin bang' (basically sore shins from
skiing hard every day.) My friend Josh is adamant he's found the
solution, that being his girlfriends epilator! Not the most glamorous
thing in the world, and yes I do give him stick for it.

The main change I seem to have made is a talent to eat even more
than usual. For anyone who knows me thats already quite a lot of
food! I have therefore developed a new type of fast food now known
as 'the seasonaires pasty' Yes it is a pasty, except it fills a
large dinner plate.

During December we did lots of skiing, falling over and finding our
skiing legs again. This season Josh and I have entered some
freeride ski competions around Switzerland so we are now just trying
to push oursleves to do better lines, bigger cliff drops and of
course have as much fun along the way!

Here is a nice shot from a thin line which I found along the top of
a cliff , up until the drop off point the width of the ledge was
only about a 1.5metres wide with a slight hangover above my head.....

Engelberg gets tracked out very fast as it's a really popular area
for 'freeride skiing' So a few days after the fresh snow I got my
touring skis out and spent some hiking and skiing fresh powder where
there is no lifts.

These are the days when you really do need your map, and your
compass, your avalanche gear and a trusty friend but your always
guaranteed some stunning scenery and untouched wintery white
landscape to ski on. Hike number one of the season was sometime
last week and below is the view from the top........

Next came the huge dump of powder! it didn't stop snowing for at
least three days so this is our perfect opportunity for some really
great skiing and practicing going as big and scaring ourselves as
much as we dare. So we head up the revolving lift which goes above
the famous glacier 'Steinberg' and I spot this great spot for a good
cliff drop. As we get half way up the lift some other guys are
beating us to it and we have to watch them ruin our landing. So
instead, we decide take the next cliff along which was a good 5
metres bigger, and from take-off to landing between measuring about
15-20 metres.....quite a bit out of our comfort zone! But you only
live once hey!

Here is the take-off and landing shots below: (taken from a video
clip so the quality isnt great)

This was probably the best powder day we had seen all season. By the
end of the day we all had seriously sore shins from dropping cliffs
and I also had a little tangle with some rocks which ended in the
worst dead leg just below my hip

To finish off the perfect weekend me and a friend Dani went for a
really nice ski tour yesterday. Starting at 9am, we were the first
people up there, hiking fresh tracks. Taking it quite easy as I
still had a really sore bum and leg!

It was a stunning day, with the misty clouds bringing more snow but
as we arrived nearer the top we came above the snow clouds and into
the sun shine which created a kind of crystalized view of everything
and a real mystic feel to the mountain.

We arrived at the top at midday just in time for lunch. Now thats
what I call healthy eating!

Needless to say, the ski down was perfect in every way.

So thats pretty much it for this month. In the meantime I have some
portraits to paint from life, some more ski touring planned, and a
whole lot of exploring to do.

For those of you who have never experienced the mountains in winter
time it really is something special!

> www.danyeomans.com
> www.danyeomans-art.com

Dan Yeomans Blog

  • Posted by dan
  • 23 December 2010

My new home is a nice apartment in a Swiss ski resort called Engelberg, an old creaky swiss chalet with front door step covered in ice and windows that let the howling wind through.

Apart from working we have had a few lovely days of powder snow and a little hiking in some perfect powder.

I'll be writing a monthly blog to keep you updated with some sweet photos and tasty video.

Here are a couple of photos of me and Ralph making our way to a nice fresh couloir and catching some beautiful scenery along the way.

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