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Author Archives: hollie

One fine day...

  • Posted by hollie
  • 20 February 2009




It's really strange how just a simple little bit of sunshine can change people.

Even though the temperature still isn't in the dizzying heights of double figures, everybody seems to be happy and walking upright - not hunched over trying to get indoors as soon as possible because of the wind and rain; the birds are tweeting, snowdrops are out, and life is generally looking good (may also have something to do with it being Friday afternoon!)

So to celebrate the possibility that Spring may just have arrived, here's a nice little tune for you.

Thanks Zoe!

  • Posted by hollie
  • 4 November 2008


Not long ago I enrolled onto the TEFL course that would one day allow me to teach english abroad....

I've since received lots of messages of support from people who've done the same course - it's been so helpful knowing that i'm not alone in finding it so hard and confusing!

Today I even recieved these books from Zoe Chamberlain, how thoughtful is that?

howies customers are offically the best!


My dad works outside all day long, which he loves in the summer - but the past few days have been so cold i think he's been suffering a bit.

I've been feeling awful sat here in howies HQ office wrapped up in a snuggly BFJ, while he's outside in the rain, wind, hail, sleet and frost...

so yesterday, being the good daughter I am, i bought him a pair of NBL long johns.



He's already asked me to get him a base layer.

learnding Inglish

  • Posted by hollie
  • 27 October 2008


One of my ambitions is to travel abroad, teaching English.

After saying i'm going to do it for months and months, this week i finally took the plunge and booked myself on the online course...

...it is SO HARD!!! I would say that i'm pretty fluent in the english language, (just about) but what the hell is a "gerund" and an "auxillary verb"?!!

This set of very informative and intellectual videos are shamefully getting me through......

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