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Author Archives: pete

Live Lightly

  • Posted by pete
  • 20 February 2009

This weeks T-shirt of the Week is ‘Live Lightly’, designed by Chester Bigglesworth.

Available on ketchup tees for men and black tees for women.

and don't be ridiculous, of course he's not a raccoon (they can't use adobe illustrator...)

Bristol shindig

  • Posted by pete
  • 20 February 2009

Here's a little montage from last night's Bristol shop launch party.

There are some sore heads around here today
(and a bit of dried up sick on Alison's shoe).



The Real 100 List

  • Posted by pete
  • 20 February 2009


howies just made The Real 100 list.


We are up there with Patagonia, Greenpeace, Nau, Whole Foods and Tesla Motors.
I think we're the only UK company featured.

Thanks to Ben for letting us know.

more Chester Bigglesworth in Moscow

  • Posted by pete
  • 20 February 2009

McDonalds in Moscow, 2009 (I think he just liked the logo).

New T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by pete
  • 19 February 2009


This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'Live Lightly', designed by Chester Bigglesworth.
(you may have seen his Know Thy Enemy illustration in our new spring catalogue). 

Bigglesworth has just come back from Russia, where he appears to have gotten
inspiration for his art from their historic propaganda posters.

No Soviet spiel here though, just some friendly life teachings from Chester himself.

Available on ketchup tees for men and black tees for women.

Cпасибо Chester.


Bigglesworth outside The Kremlin in Red Square, Moscow 2009.

Kev Grey book

  • Posted by pete
  • 18 February 2009


Kev Grey is an artist and illustrator from Liverpool, and he's got a new book out.

Crispy clean lines, mostly based on traditional tattoo flash, low-brow art and
skeletons. You might recognise his work for East Skateboards and Mackeys Lost Art
store in Liverpool. Sick. You should probably buy a copy.

He's doing a little bit of something for us at the moment (but that's top secret).

Check him out. 


new T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by pete
  • 5 February 2009


This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'Houston'.

After eight years with a doofus in charge of this ship, finally there is a glimmer of hope.
We've now got a pilot who might finally be able to steer us home again.

Just don't screw up the landing President Obama.
(Designed by Sandy Suffield)



New T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by pete
  • 29 January 2009

This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'A Snails' House'.

Oh to be a snail. It must be cool to carry your house around on
your back. No mortgage, no grumpy landlord, no strings, no ties.
Just an awesome pad that goes wherever you go.

A snails' home is truly his castle.

(Designed by Chris Gray)

click here to buy men's                            click here to buy women's

Spring catalogue

  • Posted by pete
  • 22 January 2009


The howies® spring 2009 catalogue is done.

It's all about footprints. 

(I'll say no more, you'll just have to wait and see).

It will be on your doorstep by mid-February.

Thanks to Aron and Nick and everyone that helped out.

Going home now... zzzzzz.


illustration by innocent little Daniel Germain.

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