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Author Archives: pete

T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by pete
  • 25 June 2010
This week's T-shirt of the Week is 'Simple Food' by Chester Bigglesworth.

By the time your average supermarket salad is on the shelf, it will have received
a cocktail of chemicals: A combination of four insecticide sprays, two fungicide
applications and two herbicide blasts, before it is rinsed in a chlorine wash that is
twenty times stronger than your local swimming pool. It's then packaged in a modified
atmosphere, made up of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen to keep it 'fresh'.

But you already knew that, right?
Shop local.

A list of farmers markets in the UK with no silly stuff in their salads.

Log off

  • Posted by pete
  • 11 June 2010


We are all going home a little earlier than normal today.

So, the phones will be switched off as of 5 o'clock.

Nice day, shame to waste it.

Have a great weekend.

Train Not Plane

  • Posted by pete
  • 9 June 2010

This month's Archive T-shirt of the Month is 'Train not Plane'.

Aah train travel. You can't beat it.
The gentle rhythmn and the clickety clack.
You can gaze out of the window, or nod off.
You can converse with interesting drunk people,
or crack on with that important Powerpoint presentation.
Either way, just sit back and let the train take the strain.

And hope there are no 'wrong kind of leaves' on the track.

Available on Grape for men and Mid Blue for women.

Apparently Thom Yorke prefers the choo-choo too.
Here he is, wearing the Train Not Plane tee in the Radiohead promo for 'Nude' -

My work here is complete...

Like Bike

  • Posted by pete
  • 7 June 2010

This week’s T-shirt of the week is ‘Like Bike’ by Chester Bigglesworth.

We like to bike.
It’s the thing that gave you freedom as a kid.
And the thing that gives you freedom as a grown-up.
It unravels your brain and resets you.
It’s the thing that no plane, train or car could kill off.
It can even distract you from Facebook every once in a while.

Available on White for men and women.

10 nice things to do this summer

  • Posted by pete
  • 2 June 2010

Go to a festival
www.efestivals.co.uk is a site that lists around 65 festivals that are happening this summer.

Watch a sunset
Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula has been voted one of the best places in the world to
watch the sun go down. www.enjoygower.com

Catch your own supper
There’s plenty to eat out there in the wilderness if you know what to look for and where
to look for it. www.wilderness-survival.net shows you what’s edible and what’s not.

Cook on a real campfire
www.bushcraftliving.com has plenty of useful information for making the most of the
outdoors, including articles that teach you skills like how to build a decent fire (even if
you’ve run out of matches).

Make your own ice lollies
When the ice cream man doesn’t come down your street, you gotta learn to make your
own. www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes

Sleep under the stars
Before you nod off, look up and see which constellations you can spot.
www.astronomytoday.com will show you what to look for.

Get some sand between your toes
www.goodbeachguide.co.uk is an online guide with a description, photo and map for
each of 1,200 beaches in the UK and Ireland.

Swim in the sea
Nothing like a dip in the ocean to cool down on a hot summer day. www.blueflag.org is
the eco-label awarded to over 3,200 of the safest and cleanest beaches and marinas in
36 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean.

Go out on your bike all day and don't come back until it gets dark
More daylight = more riding. Locate routes near you using online mapping or browse
the suggested rides at www.sustrans.org.uk

Pick some wild fruit and make a pie
Remember when you used to go fruit picking with mum? Now is the best time to go find
all those great British berries and make a delicious pie. www.edenfoods.com has
recipes for all the best summer desserts.

100% Wooly

  • Posted by pete
  • 1 June 2010

Thursday is your last chance to get a Chester Bigglesworth '100% Wooly' T-shirt of the Week.
(We'll be taking it off  the website in the afternoon, to make way for a new one).

So the wooly headed amongst you better make your minds up whether to get one or not.

Then again, you'll probably forget, because you're busy thinking about something else...

But that's why we love you.

Available on Purple for menBanana for women

Tractor jam

  • Posted by pete
  • 27 May 2010



Don't Do That, Do This.

  • Posted by pete
  • 25 May 2010


Do hop the barrier now and again.
Do push the limit.
Do see what's over there and where that leads.
Do exercise your disobedience.
You never know what you might find.

Just mind that big cliff.

Look who I met

  • Posted by pete
  • 24 May 2010

My dad's dad's long-lost brother's daughter Rachel, from Patagonia - my
second cousin (you may have read the story in our spring 10 catalogue).

She saw my dad last week, for the first time in fifty or so years.

Funny that.

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