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Author Archives: ruben

new look

  • Posted by ruben
  • 26 August 2010

The internet died a few hours before the Autumn site was due to go live.
Turns out it's hard to run a website when you can't get online.
So Plan B was a 6am start in the Cardigan shop to do the final bits and pieces.
Two sprints across town to HQ to get some files (my best time for the 1GB is 10 minutes)
A rebuilt SQL database and a jury-rigged XML upload.
And we're live. The Autumn clothes are online and you can see the catalogue here.
Hope you like it, it's been fun getting it ready.

New Autumn catalogue out now

  • Posted by ruben
  • 26 August 2010

School starts
Early sunsets
Picking berries
Trees transforming
Eerie mists
Migrating birds
Bonfires burning
Evenings snuggling
Rustling leaves

Autumn is on its way. And so is our new catalogue.

A copy of our full catalogue, or one of our cut-down newspaper versions
should be landing on your doormat any day now.
New jackets, jeans, dresses and knitwear. And the story of our surf team's
trip across Ireland in an old Winnebago.

Alternatively, you can go look at all that stuff on our website, where youíll also find a downloadable PDF version of the catalogue.

Click here for men's
Click here for women's

The Sandpit

  • Posted by ruben
  • 24 August 2010


Just found this on Vimeo.

A day in the life of New York City, in beautiful tilt-shift miniature.

Winner of Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2010

Love it. Tilt-shift makes the world look so cool.

Push it to the maxi and back.2

  • Posted by ruben
  • 24 August 2010

(From Chris Jackson @ Kingdom Bike)

Part 2 - The Riding.

After the incredibly slow drive to Åre in Northern Sweden for the 3rd round of the Maxi avalanche enduro cup, we were more than happy to wake up to sunshine and fresh mountain air. After the official morning coffee we’re back on our bikes and stuck into some epic riding.

The area around Åre is by no means the highest mountain range, with it’s peak at only 1420 metres it’s a mere blip compare to say the Alps, but don’t be fooled by this lack of altitude as it’s part of some of the most epic ‘big country’ in Europe.

When the sun shines the light and the expanse of sky become overpowering on top of any of the local peaks your view is uninterrupted for miles as the mountains just roll and roll only stopping to be punctuated by mountain lakes and more mountains. Riding in mountains you find yourself surrounded by huge house-sized boulders that dwarf the trails and make Northern Scandinavia so distinctive.

The riding here is simply Åresome (sorry!). There are so many trails littering the mountains it’s difficult to know which to start riding first with all of them keeping you grinning all day, and riding late into the evenings.

Even the light is epic, which also happens to last from 5am to about 10pm this time of year, it’s pretty much 24/7 daylight in June so if you fancy taking some taking epic nightrides, head north.

What do top mountain bike riders do when they are not racing or riding? They go on Facebook of course! James McKnight relaxing after a days riding…. And pre race training for the Maxi race.
More coming up in Part 3 when we cover the Maxi race, it might not be sunny so wear something waterproof.

Office To Let

  • Posted by ruben
  • 23 August 2010

Desirable riverside location with striking views.
Easy access by foot or bike (no tubes or busses, sorry).
Large conference room*
Mooring point.
Adjacent to pub.
Otters and herons.
Many Sq Feet.


Just had this cool little link pop up in my twitter feed (thanks to @CliveAndrews)

This video is made up of screen shots from Oliver O'Brien's London cycle hire station status map (oobrien.com/vis/bikes/).
Each second of video is 1 hour in real life and the video starts midnight Tuesday 10th August and ends midnight Wednesday the 11th.

It really shows all the bikes flooding into central London in the morning and then leaving in the evening!

Blue circles represent bike stations that are less than half full, red circles are over half full.

Push it to the maxi and back

  • Posted by ruben
  • 23 August 2010


(From Chris Jackson @ Kingdom Bike)

Part 1 - The longest Day and Night.

The internet attention span is so short I know I’d better keep this quick, so here’s the details behind this micro blog and our bike adventure.

Take 5 bike bums including howies team rider James Mcknight and plan a 3000km round trip through Scandinavia to Northern Sweden for round 3 of the French enduro series the Maxiavalanche, all in a VW from 76’. Interested? Read on. Bored? Click.

We all meet up in Copenhagen airport and headed directly to the ferry which would take us overnight to Oslo. The ferry leaves promptly at 17.00pm every evening, so with our lungs full of exhaust fumes and a flat battery we ‘pushed’ our VW onto the ferry at approx 16.55pm.

Fast forward 16 hours and we roll out onto the port of Oslo, bump start the love bus over to a lurking customs official, who pronounces in a lovely mockney accent ‘Nice van geezers, where you orf too.’ Erm Åre!

The following 12 hours became a sea of u-turns, oil changes and uphill chugging through some of the finest ‘widescreen’ scenery there is in Europe. Epic countryside. Crossing the border from Norway into Sweden we entered the last leg of this slow motion voyage as the sun tried to set and get some rest for the day.

Rolling into Åre too late to get the keys for our apartment; we silently unloaded our bikes, took a quick nightcap and poured 5 fractured bodies into a fried out combi. Night.

In the morning, the retro cramped interior of this classic motor had started to feel claustrophobic, so we decided it was time to get some space, put our bikes together and do some riding instead of bonding.

We’ll continue regular updates and adventures all week from Åre, finishing with some Maxiavalanche race coverage on Saturday.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the start of this little adventure.

(I got this up a little late, part two tomorr0w!)

This week's T-shirt of the Week is 'Follow Your Front Wheel', by Joby Barnard.

The ride is not about what bike you've got,
or how much it cost, or your fancy gearset.
It's not about time or speed or winning.
The ride is not about the destination or how far you go.
The ride is not about this way, that way or the other.

The ride is just a ride. All you have to do is pedal.

Click Here for the Men's
Click Here for the Women's

Dan Yeomans

  • Posted by ruben
  • 20 August 2010

Just got a call from Dan, howies mountain bike rider and all round action man.

He's just set up a skills coaching company called New Mountain Rider.

Find out more here. Dan's offering private coaching, or training camps for groups of up to 4 in Wales, Switzerland and France for a more social experiance while learning on some of the world's most awesome trails.

Dan says a huge thanks to Sam Gunton (who you may have met working in the howies Bristol shop) and Alastair Wright for their help building his rather nice looking site.

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