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Author Archives: ruben

Almost ready...

  • Posted by ruben
  • 16 June 2010

My bike has probably had more TLC this week than in the last full year of riding.

Somehow, and I'm not sure how, I have lost 2lbs of weight. And made it a lot whiter...

I'm itching to get out of the office and ride it around for a bit.

And then of course there's the small matter of the weekend and that 24 hour race... Bring it on.

Team Mayhem

  • Posted by ruben
  • 15 June 2010

Me and David Hicks are off to Eastnor Castle this weekend to take part in the 2010 Mountain Mayhem 24 hour race, as part of a 4 man team.

I've been meaning to blog this for a while, but it's always seemed quite a long way in the future. Not any more though. It's just a few days away.  And we're getting quite excited.

I just got a delivery of new bike bits, including a set of mud tyres, just in case. The forecast looks dry, though. Fingers crossed!

We'll have a tent with a stall as well, with a few select bits and pieces for sale at great prices. So if you're planning to come along to the event, make sure you come and find us to say hello.

This week's T-shirt of the Week is 'Big Pile of Dead Fish' by Chester Bigglesworth

It's just a T-shirt, with a Big Pile of colourful dead fish on it.
Nothing to do with Burst Pipes or Bad Polluters.
By Printing it, we hope to make the world a Brighter Place.
Buy Promptly though, it's only on sale for one week.

10% of the profits from this shirt will go to the Marine Conservation Society.

Available on White for men and for women.

The Ride.

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 June 2010

Every time a new issue of The Ride journal lands on my desk, it gets in the way of Work for a while.

See, I love bikes more than almost anything. (A certain someone would kill me if I worded that wrong.)

But it's not just the machines themselves, it's everything that bikes mean to the people who ride them.

It's the places, the stories, the friendships, the agony and the joy that owning a bike can bring you.

Bikes are so much more than 'just bikes.' And that's what The Ride is all about.

Issue 4 is online now - you can buy it here. It features a piece by our very own Nick Hand of Slowcoast fame.

I'm off to put the kettle on.

You can also pick The Ride up in our Carnaby St. and Bristol shops

Good Websites

  • Posted by ruben
  • 8 June 2010

I found "The Good Website Guide 2005" while tidying up some books and looking for stuff from the howies library.

I'm always dubious of books about the internet. By the time you get them printed and on shelves, they're in danger of being obsolete.

This book has a section for 'Social Networking' and it lists two main options - http://friendster.com and http://notfriendster.com

How times change...

Up There – Beautiful

  • Posted by ruben
  • 7 June 2010

I've seen this video flying around on the net for a while, but never really paid it any attention til today.

Up There is a 12 minute documentary on the artists who still hand paint advertising billboards in New York.

It's beautifully filmed, and these guys are just amazing. I had no idea there were still people doing this kind of thing.

Absolutely amazing. You should watch it.

T-shirt of the week - Like Bike

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 June 2010

This week's T-shirt of the week is 'Like Bike' by Chester Bigglesworth.

We like to bike.
It's the thing that gave you freedom as a kid.
And the thing that gives you freedom as a grown-up.
It unravels your brain and resets you.
It's the thing that no plane, train or automobile could kill off.
It can even distract you from Facebook now and then.

Available on White for men and women.

Books are for reading

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 June 2010

Real books are great.

The ones you can scribble in, and tear pages out of.

The ones you can read under a tree in the sun.

The ones you can share with your friends.

The ones that make your bag heavy, reminding you they need reading.

The ones that smell great and wear out.

The ones that recharge your batteries.

howies has a library, you can borrow our books.

Thing is, they're not easy to find on our site and so they end up sitting in a cupboard in the warehouse.

Our library has been neglected. Our books are not being read.

We need to fix that.

iPod Tough

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 June 2010


A while back, I got myself an iPod shuffle to use for running.

"You'll just lose it" everyone said when they saw how small it was. And I did.

I looked everywhere I could think of, starting with the small places...

Then Ade sent me a tweet over the bank holiday - "Have you lost your little I pod shuffle?"

"yes. but i have a feeling someone has found it?"

"Hamish found one a little crushed outside Mwldan on the road last saturday"

I thought that was it, game over for the iPod shuffle. But when Ade brought it in today and I plugged my earphones in and pressed play... it worked.

Dinged up, needs some unbending... but it works.

iPod tough.

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