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Author Archives: ruben

Archive T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by ruben
  • 23 June 2009

This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'Born Die'.

House: £300,000
Swimming Pool: £100,000
Swanky car: £50,000
Awesome wardrobe: £20,000
Flatscreen TV: £2000

A debt-free life: priceless.

Available on Royal for men and Electric for women



a great weekend

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 June 2009


Me and David just got back from opur trip to Mountain Mayhem. We have a great time, met some great people and had a lot of fun.

We're getting used to our tent after our maiden voyage into the event world at Fort William a couple of weeks ago, and everything went much smoother this time.

It looked pretty good at night


We got quite envious of the riders that night.

I think we'll be entering a team next year.

Many thanks to Dan, Justin and Clio who helped us out!

Mountain Mayhem

  • Posted by ruben
  • 20 June 2009


Me and David Hicks are up at Mountain Mayhem this weekend, with Justin and Dan helping out. 

We arrived yesterday and set up our tent. Now we are planning to pull an all nighter and keep the tent open all night. 

If you're around, come and check it out! we have a lot of stuff on sale at discounted prices... t-shirts, jackets, shorts and even a few pairs of jeans and some merino. And we're also running a special prize draw at the event where you can win £500 worth of gear!

Hope to see you there...

We will post some photos soon!

T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by ruben
  • 18 June 2009

This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'Go Ride', designed by old Chester Bigglesworth

There's always plenty of other stuff to do.

Mundane stuff. Routine stuff. Everyday stuff.

But sometimes you have to forget about all that stuff.

Sometimes you just need to get on your bike and go for a good old ride.

And when you come back, all that other stuff won't feel so mundane, routine or
everyday anymore.

Riding is good for stuff like that.



Working late...

  • Posted by ruben
  • 17 June 2009

...well, sort of.

My new Santa Cruz arrived this evening. All in pieces apart from the BB and headset.

So it's been a late night in the office to do some assembly and bike tweaking.

Didn't notice the time passing til gone 9 when I thought I better go home.



Can't wait to ride it.

Archive T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by ruben
  • 16 June 2009

This weeks Archive T-shirt of the Week is 'Old School'.
Designed by Adam Dumolo back in summer 2006

No brakes, no gears, no pegs and he's still ripping.
Just like back in the day.

Available on White for men and women.



A Star To Guide Me

  • Posted by ruben
  • 12 June 2009

Before satellite tracking and digital readouts leading you from A to B with automatic directions

Before sign posts and speed limits and highways

Before even maps and compasses

People found their way by looking to the stars, and they did pretty well at it.

Navigating the oceans and the wildernesses and arriving safely back home after months away.

This week's t-shirt of the week is a tribute to these pioneering navigators and the constellations that led them.



Last Chance

  • Posted by ruben
  • 12 June 2009


The Edinburgh sample sale is over, but the guys have packed up the vans and moved over to Glasgow to do it all again.

If you missed them the first time around, or if Edinburgh was a little too far away, make sure you get to visit the Glasgow sale.

There's still plenty of great stuff up for grabs at great prices, but they're only there until Sunday and we don't know when we'll be back up in Scotland again!

The sale is being held at Unit 23 Princes Square Shopping centre,
Buchanan Street, G1 3JX, Glasgow - Here's a map.

Opening times:

Friday 12th - 12:30 til 6pm
Saturday 13th - 9am til 6pm
Sunday 14th - 11am til 5pm

Make sure you check it out!

T-shirt of the Week

  • Posted by ruben
  • 12 June 2009

This weeks T-shirt of the Week is 'Sat Nav'.
Designed by Chester Bigglesworth.

Follow Ursa Major until you reach the Big Dipper
Take a right, then go straight ahead past Little Bear.
Exit at the Little Dipper. Arrive at Polaris/North Star.
You have now reached your destination.

Available in Black for men and women.



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