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Author Archives: ruben

clocks gone back

  • Posted by ruben
  • 27 October 2008


the clocks went back this weekend, and today we will be leaving work in the dark.

earlier this year, i took a photo the first day i saw light in the sky when leaving work.

that was february 2nd.

february seems a long way away right now.

more about otters

  • Posted by ruben
  • 27 October 2008


Check out this pair of otters holding hands so they don't drift apart while floating around.

Goodbye Shop...

  • Posted by ruben
  • 24 October 2008


We just got back from closing the Cardigan shop up for the last time.

It was sad to see it go, it's been fun!

Many thanks to Davy, who helped us when the shop was new.

And Ed, who's been doing a great job for us (and the customers) over the last month or so.

We're looking for a new place, and we hope to open some new doors in Cardigan one day soon.

For now, you are welcome to drop by the office for a cup of tea and have a look at the current range!

Have a great weekend everyone

find the owl!

  • Posted by ruben
  • 13 October 2008


hollie has a plant on her desk, and there's a little owl who lives in amongst the leaves.

when someone spots the owl, the owl moves to hide in a new place.

yes, i know what you're thinking, and it's true! we do have fun!

winter's coming

  • Posted by ruben
  • 13 October 2008


it's getting dark earlier... and the clocks go back soon.

before long, those piles of firewood that grew up over the last few months will start shrinking again, and people will start smelling faintly of woodsmoke. (in my house, at least)

and it's almost time for the cold weather gear to come out of hiding...

the photo is of my vintage 'coldfront' jeans. they're made of denim and lined with brushed cotton to keep your legs warm even if it snows. and I really hope it does snow this winter!

they've kept me warm for the last 4 years worth of cold snaps, and they've weathered beautifully in the process.

and they're still going strong.

so go on winter, do your worst.

we're ready for another one.

we're not here

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 October 2008


the customer service team have closed up shop a little early today.

we're off to have a team-building shindig

last time we did this we ended up on an almost sinking ship, so we're hoping for better luck this time!

have a great weekend everyone, we'll be back on monday!

Nice weekend

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 September 2008


we had some really nice weather over the weekend, and a couple of great sunsets.

above is the view from the top of mwnt hill at about 8pm on friday.

Summer Lucky Dip Winner!

  • Posted by ruben
  • 9 September 2008


Congratulations to Nick Lawrence from Stourbridge, who was lucky number 2,345.

This was the number that was plucked from the mind of Geraldine - a random Cardigan shopper as seen here

Congratulations Nick, enjoy spending the 500 pounds.

I'm sure you'll find plenty in our new range to spend it on!

enjoy all the weather

  • Posted by ruben
  • 3 September 2008


so now September is underway and summer is pretty much officially over .

(not that summer actually made much of an apperance this year anyway...)

this week has been quite changeable, the weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do...

yesterday we had a spell of bright sun followed straight away by some heavy showers

today hes been mostly very wet and windy, but that didn't stop me getting outside for lunch

i went for an aimless walk about in the wet and wind (wearing an old howies softshell so i didn't get wet or cold)

and i was thinking, even though it's not hot and sunny at the moment, i actually like this weather.

as long as you have the right clothes on, it's great to get outside and watch nature do it's wet and windy, early autumn thing.

i enjoy all the weather.

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