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The 'benefits' of water shortages...

  • Posted by will
  • 20 October 2010

This year we had the driest start to the year since 1976 and it was the North West of England that was supposedly one of the worst effected.
For someone living in Manchester and riding to work in Salford every day the idea of a lack of rain didn't really correlate with the day to day experience - the concept of a drought in Lancashire is perceived to be somewhat of an oxymoron!  But a brief trip out into the Pennines quickly revealed (and I'm sure does still illustrate to some extent) how low the reservoirs were.
The upside to the lack of water in the reservoirs was that the drainage ditches and overflows were dry and ridable. A quick scramble down into this one opened up a very windy but untouched spot the likes of which are usually resigned to magazine pages and countries far afield.
A big thanks to Baito and Sparky for directions and to Northern John for the photos.

Will Jackson

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