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life.still exhibition open

  • Posted by howies
  • 25 May 2010

Thanks goes out to everyone who came along for the opening night of the life.still photography exhibition at the Bristol shop on Friday. It was a really great evening and over 150 people enjoying the photography, the open slideshow night, a beer and hopefully a bit of conversation. We had lot's of fun, and by the amount of glass washing we had to do - we can only assume you did too!

Don't worry if you couldn't make it. You can pop into the store anytime up until the 30th May and view the complete exhibition including the open slideshow which will run on loop throughout.  www.lifestill.co.uk

This Friday sees the launch of the life.still exhibition in the howies shop in Bristol, featuring the work of five home-grown  Bristol photographers. On the opening night, there will also be an open slideshow event. Dozens of people from all over the world (including howies customers), have submitted work to be shown alongside the exhibition

Over the past couple of weeks we have previewed some of the work that will be on display. Mike Lusmore's "The Gloucester Road" project invites us to look at the hidden beauty and unseen aspects that lie behind a road where we live, work and commute through everyday. Bristol's Gloucester Road is part of the longest A-road in Great Britain.

Pop along on Friday 21st from 7 - 10pm, there will be free beer as usual! visit www.lifestill.co.uk for more details.

what can we do with our mouths?

  • Posted by howies
  • 16 May 2010

On Friday night I went out to a gig at the Passing Clouds in Dalston called One Day in May.  It was a charity event to raise funds for The Medical Foundation and Encompass, with the likes of Lazy Habits, The Drop, Bunty and King Porter Stomp playing.

It was an awesome night...dancing till the wee hours.  Very tired the next day but so worth it!

When I used to live in Brighton a few years ago I saw Bunty perform a few times.  She uses just her voice an an effects pedal to create the most beautiful harmonies!  So it was a real treat to see her perform again.  She's touring a lot this summer, so if she's in your neck of the woods check her out.

The life.still exhibition and open slideshow event is fast approaching and we just wanted to remind you to come along and to take part!
The howies store in Bristol will be making itself host to a range of work from five documentary photographers from the 21st - 30th May 2010. Come and see some fresh and exciting photography and if you can make it on the opening night, join us for a beer and the open slideshow event which you can take part in.
life.still have had a great response to their request for everyday people and photographers alike to submit photography slideshows to their event. But it's not too late for you to take part, so head to their website at www.lifestill.co.uk to find out more and become part of this exciting event.
If you're still not convinced here's a photograph from the collection 'When I close my eyes' by Rebecca Harley. This collection of portraits explore the hopes and desires of people lost in their own environments often rushing from a to b without much time to reflect. What happens when we take a moment to close our eyes, shut out the world and think about our dreams?

Show Your Hand

  • Posted by pete
  • 13 May 2010
Hands up who likes live music!
Hands up who likes pubs!
Hands up who likes Brighton!
Hands up who likes errr live music in pubs in Brighton!

If your hands are still up, then you might like to go to www.showyourhand.com
Show Your Hand archives videos of a series of brilliant, tiny, intimate gigs held
at the Hand in Hand - Brighton's smallest pub.

They've had some top people through the door, British Sea Power and Tom Brosseau
to name but a few and it's run by my friends Matty and Joby.

Show your face in the pub if you're ever in Brighton too, it's well worth a visit.

Deckades: The last few days

  • Posted by tidy
  • 7 May 2010

This will be the last weekend to check out the show, we will be taking it down early next week.

It has been a great success & a lot of fun organising.

The hand painted decks that were auctioned did really well & raised a good total for Unicef,

more news on that in the following weeks.

Have a nice weekend..

party battles

So 20 minutes left to vote...


pot hole ahoy!

Mark has been plagued with punctures of late...he's even repairing one as I type.  So I thought this subject quite apt.  With this extreme winter we had it has done done no favours to our roads, pot holes are everywhere!!! (Some roads worse than others.  For my ride in it's Mildmay Park Road.  I shiver at the thought of it!)

I stumbled upon this blog showing some stenciling someone has done in New York...genius!

riding solo?!

The sports that we're into aren't team sports...they are sort of solitary really.  But if you ask anyone about their best days riding, they will always say a day when they've been out with an awesome group of mates who inspire them.  There are certain friends who push me more to ride faster and try something new.

I just stumbled upon this edit of an interview with a snowboarder called Jess Kimura.  It's from an all girl's production Peep Show, which was released this winter.  Anyway she sums up that feeling of riding with your mates perfectly.  It's a really sweet video, so check it out...


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