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No Gears Bike Film Night

Our mate Matt has just told us about a bike film night he has organised in Bristol in June, he suggests rounding the evening off with a bevvy by the waterside, sounds like a plan......

Ricky Adam Exhibition

Ricky Adam photographer/editor of Dig BMX Magazine has just installed a collection of photographs entitled 'you can't find what you've never lost' in our staircase gallery. It will run for the whole of May so come down and check it out if you're in the area, all prints are for sale so enquire instore for more details.

There will also be a limited addition t shirt to go with the exhibit any day now, more details will follow shortly.

and the winner is...

A while back we blogged about The Author Blog Awards 2010 and how Emily Benet was on the shortlist to win it. Well out of 500  nominees, her blog "Shop Girl" came first, beating several well known authors!

Emily, who gave a talk at howies Bristol in December, is grateful to all her new readers from howies, especially those who voted.

At the moment, Emily is running a competition through her blog to win signed copies of the book "Shop Girl Diaries". So if you have your own tale from a funny visit to a shop, why not enter. (Maybe you had a wacky experience here in the howies store in Bristol!)

Just a quick reminder about the upcoming photography exhibition that you can be involved in at the Bristol store. life.still is a fresh and exciting exhibition showcasing the work of local artists and is being held at howies in Bristol from the 21st - 30th of May 2010.

life.still want you to be involved, by submitting your work in the open slideshow event that will take place on the opening night on the 21st May from 7-10pm. The slideshow is open to all, you can be a professional or an amateur - it doesn't matter. The only stipulation is that your photos have a theme or a story.  Head to www.lifestill.co.uk for more information, follow their tweets or check out the facebook page. 

To get your creative juices flowing, here's a sneak preview of the work that will be shown in the exhibition next month.Tamany Bakers' "Living with Wolfie" series documents her response to the 'presents' that Wolfie, her beloved cat, brought into her home.

       T ?

For more information on the exhibition pop into the howies Bristol store and pick up a leaflet or head to their website www.lifestill.co.uk

Deckades: 1 off artist decks

  • Posted by tidy
  • 25 April 2010

Our 1 off artist decks on ebay are getting some good attention, there's only 1 day left for most of them, so get bidding!!.

my friend Chris from Science skateboards posted about the show on club mumble

& crossfire have a good interview with Jim Phillips about his contribution.

pic above: Mr Bingo/11th hour courtesy of Jack Lynch.

Deckades: solitary arts

  • Posted by tidy
  • 23 April 2010

Geoff Mcfetridge posted his deck on the solitary arts site, theres a cool tale on there from one of the guys who appears on the flyer for the show, the legendary Jef Hartsel.

DECKADES: Thank yous..

  • Posted by tidy
  • 22 April 2010


Just wanted to say a big big thank you to Havana Club Rum for making sure we all had a good time at the Deckades show in the Bristol shop last friday night.

Also to innocent drinks for sending us some juice for those of us who wanted to wake up with a clear head the next morning!.Thanks.

and finally thanks to Jack, Barney, Matt, China Mike, 45 RPM & Syd for helping us to get the show on the walls in time!

Wake Up:Walk Out

  • Posted by howies
  • 19 April 2010

It's a Monday morning, perfect time to get the week off to a positive start.

Some local Bristol guys who are always doing positive work are the folks who run 'Be That Change'. "We are you. We're not big business, big religion or big charity. We’re just a small group of individuals as concerned as you about our future - things aren't making much sense any more."

That small group of individuals is calling for a modern day twist on direct action to ask the main UK political parties to commit to 42% carbon cuts.

If you think that protest marches don't cut it anymore, be one of millions to get the attention of MPs. Get invovled by texting WAKEUP to 82222 followed by name and postcode. Then Walk Out on Climate Change Day on April 26th. (see website details)
Get involved in the twitterstorm. Don't wait around for others to do it for you, be the change you want to see.  


ABM Artwork Auction

  • Posted by howies
  • 17 April 2010

I came into work this morning  and found a long list of e-mails leading up until midnight from people placing last minute bids in our auction!

After a long sift through of double checking and updating bids I'm pleased to say that the auction has been a massive success!

I'll be e-mailing and calling people later to let them know that they've won but just wanted to thank everyone who donated their time and effort into producing the artwork and also everyone who placed a bid and made it so successful!

Stand by your phones...

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