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Wee Do – The Ride Journal

this Tuesday, 7th September we have the creators of  'the ride journal' joining us at Carnaby Street to do a Wee Do Lecture.

they will be here to tell us all about the inspiration behind the books, how they put their ideas into reality, the huge success they have now become and what's going to be happening from here. 

if you missed your chance to get hold of the first 3 they are available to download from the website and are well worth it, issue 4 is still currently available to buy but be quick because i doubt they will hang around for long.

the lecture will begin at 7:30pm, if you would like to come down or know anyone else who may like to come then just drop us an email at [email protected] or ring us on 0207 287 2345 and reserve your free tickets.

the usual beers and juices will be available to quench your thirsts.

we hope to hear from you all soon!

Washed In Surf

Lovely Sinead just finished the wall display for the new rock salt jeans here at Carnaby Street. It looks pretty darn good.

Always nice to have an artist in the group. You can find more about the new jean washes here for men and here for women, and you can find more of Sinead's work on her website.

DOugh Boy

  • Posted by howies
  • 13 August 2010


1.Local, stoneground flour

2.Water (more if its wholemeal flour - wholemeal keeps absorbing water after its made into dough)

3.Seasalt (has the potassium, magnesium and other trace minerals lacking in table salt)

4.Yeast (fresh or a sourdough starter)

5.Time & patience (rise once in warm area, re-shape, then leave to rise overnight - slowly risen bread is reportedly more easily digested)

6.Bake in a very hot oven and moisten with a spray of water.

That's it - Tom enjoys keeping things simple.

Thank you to everyone who turned up to Tom Herbert's Wee Do last night at the Bristol shop, and to Bristol Beer Factory for providing the beer that helped all the bread go down so well.

Tom gave away lots of bread baking tips and tales and I'm going to try and share the highlights with you now.

If anyone is reading this who attended the talk and feels I have neglected to mention a useful titbit of information, please feel free to comment.

We discovered that the history of civilisation is all about growing the grains that make the bread - flat bread to start with , then the canny Egytians sealed grains away for storage and accidentally invented sour dough.

Wealthy people always had white bread because it was harder to produce white flour.

'The upper crust' was eaten by the wealthier 'upper classes' because the bottom of the bread always got burnt.

My favourite tale from Tom's family baking heritage is that his grandad used to sleep on top of a huge container of raising dough, and would get woken as it tipped him of in the morning, all risen and ready to be baked!

Tom is involved with the Real Bread Campaign who have home baking advice and tips on how to source 'real bread' from local bakers.

If you check out the Bristol Local Food Directory you can find where to source fresh yeast and local flours.

After many bread baking dilemma questions were answered we got down to the business of sharing the bread. It was a fun evening so thanks to everyone who made it.  We'd love to hear how people have got on with their new bread baking knowledge so do let us know.  If you haven't given it a go yet here is the recipe Tom was using to make the dough last night.

Boneshaker Issue 2

  • Posted by howies
  • 12 August 2010

Issue 2 of Boneshaker Magazine is out in howies stores so buy your copy as a treat this weekend.

Still remaining advert free and full of great photography and articles that cover the diverse range of cyclists out there, its a great little read and celebration of cycling.

..you want one?

  • Posted by hollie
  • 6 August 2010

I have a stack of these DVDs on my desk from the good people at Surfers Against Sewage.

"View from the green room" is the Uk's first environmental surf documentary - now, i'm not a very good salesman so i'll just copy what they've written about it:

" 'View from the greenroom' examines the pollution issues of today through the eyes of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) campaigners. Joined by Team Quicksilver, our international crew score barrel after barrel at some amazing new locations in Scotland, before breaking off to reflect on the dangers our coastline faces from poor shipping practises, the unregulated discharge of toxic chemicals, conveyor belts of litter travelling up on the Gulf stream and the threats to surfing from climate change. With a touch of humour we highlight these problems in true SAS style."

So there it is.

First 6 people to email me with their addresses will get one, but only if you answer the following question correctly mind!:

"Do you want a free dvd?"

a) Yes

b) no

send your answers to hollie(at)howies(dot)co(dot)uk.

(Ps - the answer is A)


  • Posted by howies
  • 3 August 2010
This Thursday 5th August is the launch of the Watershed's weekend festival of cycle related films, Cyclescreen.
There are talks too, including our very own Nick Hand talking about his Slowcoast adventure on Sunday 8th Aug at 2pm.
To see the full programme go here .
Alastair Humphreys Lecture on Sat 7th at 5pm is selling out, so be quick to get your tickets.

Thinking caps

  • Posted by howies
  • 27 July 2010

Jenny Harrison is organising an exhibition of cycle caps, hand made by her with designs by local artists. The exhibition forms part of the Bristol Cycle Festival. howies Bristol is putting on an exhibition of cycle related art in the gallery above the shop on Queens Road for 2 weeks starting September 11th. If you would like to submit a piece of cycle related art work please email an image to [email protected]

She is making 100 caps and there is still space for you to submit your design if you'd like to have it made up into a cap.

Jenny would love to have some experienced stitchers join her as she makes the 100 caps, so contact her if you'd like to take part in the unique exhibition, contact her via twitter or for more information go here.

Weapon Of Choice launch

  • Posted by howies
  • 26 July 2010

On Friday night over 300 people descended on the Bristol store to witness some of Bristol's finest street artists battle it out with fat marker pens.

For more images go here

The result was a huge piece of work (25ft long) capturing several unique styles flowing beautifully in to each other. Also on display for the next month are over 20 large boards and canvases created over the past 2 years of W.O.C Live Painting nights.You can bid on all of the pieces on show, as well as buy some original canvases by Cheba, Inkie and Dred

Watching the Weather

  • Posted by ruben
  • 22 July 2010

I just got a time lapse app for my iPhone.

I love how time lapse lets you see more in a view than you usually would.

This is an hour of rain and sunny spells out of my bedroom window.

Watch out for the double rainbow. (Yes, a double rainbow.)

I want to do some sunrise and sunset ones next.

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